Definition of foreign secretary in US English:

foreign secretary


  • (in the UK) a foreign minister.

    • ‘And the Foreign Secretary turned his fire on Tory calls for a referendum on the constitution.’
    • ‘The countries' Foreign Secretaries will join the talks on the third day.’
    • ‘The Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary are extremely experienced politicians.’
    • ‘Although the Cabinet is collectively responsible for policy, much is actually left to the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary.’
    • ‘He will be regarded as one of the great Foreign Secretaries, not just from the Labour Party, but of any party.’
    • ‘The previous Home Secretary - now the Foreign Secretary - was clear about the issue.’
    • ‘Not only did the Foreign Secretary require a lengthy recovery, but the Prime Minister himself soon suffered a stroke.’
    • ‘He had undertaken a correspondence with the Foreign Office on China and his ideas had impressed the new Foreign Secretary.’
    • ‘So it all dovetails rather neatly in this week's London conference, chaired by the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary.’
    • ‘The Foreign Secretary was forced to drop sections of an address to parliament that warned of the dangers of being left out of the single currency.’
    • ‘At a private viewing on Friday the Foreign Secretary will be able to select his favourite self-image to keep, as a thank you gift.’
    • ‘Yes, there have been protestations of innocence from our own Foreign Secretary, and an outright denial from the President.’
    • ‘And that not only the Party Chairman must apologise but the Foreign Secretary and the Prime Minister himself.’
    • ‘In fairness to the Foreign Secretary, the shift undertaken by ministers is one dictated by practicality.’
    • ‘It was the intervention of his Foreign Secretary, Lord Halifax, which convinced him of the necessity of abandoning the policy.’
    • ‘The British Foreign Secretary has claimed that Britain is to blame for problems around the world due to its past colonial policy.’
    • ‘You have said we accused the Prime Minister, the Foreign Secretary and other ministers of lying.’
    • ‘The former Foreign Secretary and leader of the House of Commons, was speaking during a visit to Nelson for a public question and answer session.’
    • ‘On his first weekend in office as Foreign Secretary he promised an ethical foreign policy.’
    • ‘It was in June this year that the Foreign Secretaries of both the countries met in New Delhi and discussed Peace and Security, confidence building measures and Jammu and Kashmir.’


foreign secretary

/ˈfôrən ˈsekrəˌterē//ˈfɔrən ˈsɛkrəˌtɛri/