Definition of foreign policy in US English:

foreign policy


  • A government's strategy in dealing with other nations.

    ‘a scathing critic of US foreign policy’
    as modifier ‘a foreign-policy crisis’
    • ‘This disagreement illustrates the growing gap between foreign-policy thinking on different sides of the Atlantic.’
    • ‘As public discontent over foreign policy and consecutive scandals racked public life, radical oppositional movements flared.’
    • ‘There is a widespread, but not entirely accurate, perception within the Indian elite that the nation's foreign policy began with its independence in 1947.’
    • ‘The President is busy with foreign-policy flare-ups and a vexing economy.’
    • ‘The repercussions for American foreign policy were huge, and continue to this day.’
    • ‘Much remains to be done to refine our nation's rapid-deployment capability in support of foreign-policy objectives.’
    • ‘We want to bring Africa to the center of the foreign-policy debate in this country.’
    • ‘What is an ethical foreign policy?’
    • ‘This is not a movie about U.S. foreign policy, or the plight of those involved.’
    • ‘When asked directly for his opinion on several matters of foreign policy, all he can say is that he is unable to be of any assistance.’
    • ‘Mahajan's work, solidly researched and easy to read, is an important contribution to the understanding of the pre-history of Indian foreign policy.’
    • ‘Its warnings are serious, and its arguments should certainly be considered in the ongoing debate over American foreign policy.’
    • ‘His dire predictions ignore the intricacies of diplomacy, foreign policy, and world history.’
    • ‘Some of the old themes of British Indian foreign policy today demand far greater attention by policy makers and the political class as a whole.’
    • ‘Here are clips from the latest debates where he explains his stances on racism or foreign policy.’
    • ‘On the campus where I am writing this, there are a few students and professors willing to venture points about United States foreign policy.’
    • ‘His foreign-policy record was mixed at best, despite his unquestioned expertise in this area.’
    • ‘They attacked his foreign policy in Central and Latin America for being destructive and divisive.’
    • ‘The department is not involved directly because it is essentially a foreign-policy issue.’
    • ‘To me, one of the biggest themes in this is the embeddedness of money and finance in influencing foreign policy.’
    statesmanship, statecraft
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