Definition of foreign aid in US English:

foreign aid


  • Money, food, or other resources given or lent by one country to another.

    ‘the hundreds of millions of dollars of foreign aid are desperately needed’
    as modifier ‘foreign aid workers’
    • ‘The various island nations of the Pacific receive more foreign aid per capita than almost anybody else.’
    • ‘According to the UN, there are five million people in Afghanistan who depend entirely on foreign aid for food.’
    • ‘One reason for American stinginess, I think, is a sense that foreign aid is money down a rat hole.’
    • ‘If we spent as much on foreign aid as we do on defence, there would be no hunger, no famine, and a lot less disease in this world.’
    • ‘In survey after survey, the median estimate is that foreign aid eats up 20 percent of the federal budget.’
    • ‘How countries manage their own resources is much more important than foreign aid.’
    • ‘They want to add in the cost of civil defence and foreign aid to the defence budget.’
    • ‘The liberal kids happily cut away at military spending, NASA, and foreign aid.’
    • ‘Most foreign aid hasn't helped poor people because it was never intended to help poor people.’
    • ‘It was totally reliant on foreign aid, because government money had dried up.’
    • ‘The Kingdom relies heavily on foreign aid and remittances from citizens working abroad.’
    • ‘Some development specialists are concerned that foreign aid may also cause a resource curse.’
    • ‘They subsist on foreign aid and what money they can make mainly as day laborers.’
    • ‘He also ran into difficulty during his recent tour of Africa, after saying foreign aid would not help alleviate poverty.’
    • ‘Fundamental to this victory was the American treatment of foreign trade as foreign aid.’
    • ‘And a sensible course of foreign aid and trade policy was abandoned in favor of war.’
    • ‘Jordan, to be blunt, cannot afford to alienate its creditors and its sources of foreign aid.’
    • ‘In the third wave of foreign aid, it is private money that is making the difference.’
    • ‘He said he was yet to determine whether any foreign aid was needed, since authorities were still assessing damages.’
    • ‘Both would help lift obstacles to foreign aid and investment, which Pakistan desperately needs.’


foreign aid

/ˈfôrən ād/