Definition of foregut in English:



Zoology Anatomy
  • The anterior part of the gut, toward the mouth.

    • ‘Colobine monkeys (such as the langur) have fermentative foreguts, where high levels of lysozyme are present and where its function is to digest bacteria that pass from the foreguts into the true stomach.’
    • ‘Hemolymph flow rates to the mouthparts increased during feeding; perfusion of the foregut and hepatopancreas increased during digestion.’
    • ‘From the mouth, the esophagus leads to the foregut and then intestine, where digestion and absorption occur.’
    • ‘Those leaf-eating primates have foreguts where lysozyme is found and may have acquired a new digestive function.’
    • ‘The trachea is unbranched, and is formed by the division of the foregut by a longitudinal septum into two tubes - the trachea and the esophagus.’