Definition of forced in US English:



  • 1Obtained or imposed by coercion or physical power.

    ‘the brutal regime of forced labor’
    • ‘We never reached Vienna, the train was seized by German military police and we ended up in a forced labor camp near Hamburg.’
    • ‘Myanmar's ruling junta passed a degree in September 1999 declaring forced labor illegal.’
    • ‘We would probably not today know of police coercion, brutality, forced confessions and rigged trials.’
    • ‘I heard stories about suffering, especially of the Indonesians in forced labor, the romusha.’
    • ‘They returned to find signs of forced entry with the outside security light broken and door-lock jammed.’
    • ‘Detectives think the thieves would have needed a vehicle to load the heavy equipment, but there was no sign of forced entry at the headquarters.’
    • ‘We oppose all government back-to-work orders as the imposition of a form of forced labor.’
    • ‘He is known for bringing a lawsuit against Japanese corporations for forced labor during WWII.’
    • ‘It is obvious that a new law is needed making coercing, aiding or abetting someone into a forced marriage a criminal offence.’
    • ‘However, detectives said they are keeping an open mind as there was no sign of forced entry and they were not sure if the theft was planned or opportunist.’
    • ‘No doubt, slavery had a profound impact on the Americas, but more than simply a supply of forced labor.’
    • ‘The French set up a bureaucracy to administer the colony and collected taxes and requisitioned forced labor.’
    • ‘But the Police Reform Act 2002 had added in the power to require the forced resignation of a chief constable.’
    • ‘How did Mark Twain end up fighting against forced labor in the Belgian Congo?’
    • ‘Some even view it as a form of forced medication and mental and physical control.’
    • ‘The reasonable grounds (for her arrest) were the fact that the house in question had no signs of a forced entry.’
    • ‘They are connected with the opium economy and impose forced labour on the communities.’
    • ‘Yet perhaps forced busing - physically taking all children to mixed schools - is the only solution.’
    • ‘He said police were investigating robbery as a possible motive for the murder and they believe she let her killer in as there was no sign of forced entry.’
    • ‘Guard dogs had not barked and there were no signs of forced entry.’
    enforced, compulsory, obligatory, mandatory, involuntary, exacted, coerced, imposed, demanded, compelled, required, requisite, stipulated, dictated, ordained, prescribed
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    1. 1.1 (of a gesture or expression) produced or maintained with effort; affected or unnatural.
      ‘a forced smile’
      • ‘The people you meet there are all the same too, and underneath the forced smiles and jaded handshakes you detect great reservoirs of boredom.’
      • ‘He gave me a very forced smile - I wonder if he has worked out who I am?’
      • ‘To this point, every hockey game has made the backhand gesture a little too forced and grandiose.’
      • ‘Or are there barely visible signs of tragedy hidden behind that forced smile?’
      • ‘She flashed the other woman a forced smile before quickly returning her attention to her daughter.’
      • ‘There are some very forced and unnatural interpretations in this book.’
      • ‘I was never a fan of wave action anyway as it always felt forced and unnatural!’
      • ‘There is always a sense of artificiality, of distance maintained, of forced bonhomie.’
      • ‘She stopped herself and put on a forced smile for the battery of cameras facing her.’
      • ‘This response may be noted with a spontaneous smile but not with forced facial movements.’
      • ‘That operation could give life, but is life ours to give away, in such a forced unnatural state?’
      • ‘Not knowing how to respond, her teacher gave her a forced smile and reached in one of her drawers for a matchbook.’
      • ‘I topped up her beaker a few times and we made an effort at conversation, but it was forced and stilted.’
      • ‘I took the drinks to the table, laid them down on the chequered surface with a forced smile, and returned to my stool.’
      • ‘Oh, my, I do ache, what with the remnants of last night's forced smiles and anxieties.’
      • ‘I was also wearing a forced smile on a face smeared with loads of talcum powder.’
      • ‘Eddy said he is practising using that forced smile on photos nowadays.’
      • ‘She gritted her teeth, then slowly turned around, a forced smile on her face.’
      • ‘It took a second, and a forced effort, for everything to come back into focus.’
      • ‘I thanked her again; but with a smile a little more forced than previously.’
      strained, laboured, unnatural, artificial, false, feigned, simulated, contrived, stilted, wooden, stiff, studied, mannered, self-conscious, overdone, overworked, affected, unconvincing, insincere, hollow
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    2. 1.2 (of a plant) having its development or maturity artificially hastened.
      • ‘All forced Irises and Gladioli are used for cut flower production (not pots).’
      • ‘Among the most commonly forced bulb flowers are amaryllis, paper-white narcissus, muscari and hyacinths.’
      • ‘After you enjoy your forced bulbs one year, plant them into your garden to bloom the following year.’
      • ‘It's also possible to buy professionally forced bulb flowers in the spring to add to your containers.’


  • forced march

    • A fast march by soldiers, typically over a long distance.

      • ‘This was not a forced march of compliant soldiers doing their duty.’
      • ‘Young soldiers practiced field firing and went on six-kilometer double-time forced marches in full combat gear in mountainous terrain.’
      • ‘He's a wiry, medium-size man, with a spiky two-week growth of beard and the hollow-eyed stare of a soldier on a long forced march.’
      • ‘After a forced march to a prisoner of war camp and a period of time there, during which he suffered from torture and near starvation, he escaped and traveled on foot through the jungle.’
      • ‘The competition consisted of stands and activities beginning with a 15 km forced march in hot and humid conditions on day one, followed by a night navigation exercise.’
      • ‘Special general units have the ability to inspire your soldiers to defeat the enemy, and allow your troops to execute distinctive battle plans, such as ambushes, setting up entrenchments and forced marches.’
      • ‘You learn it by leading your platoon at night on long forced marches over terrain you have never seen before.’
      • ‘On landing the 7th Battalion of 5th Brigade begins a forced march towards Pegasus Bridge, to reinforce the glider force.’
      • ‘The forced march ended on September 23 when the expedition met the Nez Perce tribe.’
      • ‘An ill-timed short forced march or an assault will play in the enemy's hands.’
      hike, trek, tramp, slog, footslog, walk
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