Definition of force the issue in US English:

force the issue


  • Compel the making of an immediate decision.

    • ‘To declare the clock running is to force the issue of congressional debate and decision.’
    • ‘Customs would rather see companies continue to trade and obviously settle their bills than go down the road of forcing the issue.’
    • ‘The American Civil Liberties Union is forcing the issue.’
    • ‘You can force the issue, using the techniques described in Chapter 4, and override the RPM system.’
    • ‘Lawsuits force the issue, and the results are more immediate than whatever develops from education.’
    • ‘But aside from the cost - estimated at tens of millions of dollars - the residents have refused to move and the government isn't forcing the issue.’
    • ‘They must have made their decision that they were going to force the issue and make Indiana come up higher to start their offense.’
    • ‘It is not known when he will make a decision but councillors are hopeful the Government will change its mind about forcing the issue, or at least allowing more ‘breathing space’.’
    • ‘The trial verdict should have been the end of the matter, but no, some overblown ego has to make a rash decision that might rebound on him just to force the issue of moral righteousness.’
    • ‘This season, through two games, his errors were caused by a lack of awareness, uncertainty in decision-making and forcing the issue.’