Definition of forbiddingly in US English:



  • See forbidding

    • ‘It is played out with unimpeachable integrity and care, but a sudden switchback in the narrative turns everything forbiddingly and even frustratingly dark and means that much of the movie's inner emotional life is amputated.’
    • ‘Not that he seems to have much time for books, surfing or other diversions: ‘What is permissible and forbidden is clarified here,’ he declares rather forbiddingly.’
    • ‘The main conclusions extend over barely 6 pages of her 37 page essay, but to deal with them here would, I fear, make what I feel is already a forbiddingly long post impossible.’
    • ‘Not only too tall, they also cut off other lower Manhattan neighborhoods from one another with their barrier-like raised plaza, forbiddingly deserted at night and on weekends.’
    • ‘But if the text at times becomes rebarbatively labyrinthine, the main lines of the argument, while forbiddingly dense, are relatively clear.’