Definition of foray in English:



  • 1A sudden attack or incursion into enemy territory, especially to obtain something; a raid.

    ‘the garrison made a foray against Richard's camp’
    figurative ‘he made another foray to the bar’
    • ‘The Bulls dominated the territory and possession in the first quarter, launching attacking forays deep into Lions territory.’
    • ‘But even if their forays into French territory became rarer, Italy can at least take heart from their rearguard action which, combined with some woeful French handling, restricted the hosts to penalties.’
    • ‘As Heath made one of their rare forays into Ilkley territory they won a scrum on the 22.’
    • ‘Apart from a few forays into Wharfedale territory, which were defended with relative ease, the remainder of the first half was played out in the Moortown half.’
    • ‘Paradoxically, this expert tracker, who was never attacked during his many forays into the forest, was almost killed by a man-eating leopard in a Chattarpur guesthouse.’
    • ‘The crafty No.3, despite a heavy first half knock, defended with gusto and also went on a couple of forays into attack.’
    • ‘Central Command can mount these operations - sending armored forays into the city - because organized resistance is diminishing.’
    • ‘Or, to be accurate, they probably had the same teachers but chose to tread a different path with the occasional forays into other territories.’
    • ‘The aim was to establish a base camp of three points from which they could make forays into enemy territory.’
    • ‘Anyway Agent Broker you will lead our first foray behind enemy lines.’
    • ‘In continuous forest, females also seek EPCs off territory and make extraterritorial forays with equal frequency as males.’
    • ‘Under the pretext of preventing terrorism, it will set a precedent for other regimes to follow in America's footsteps and of course it will embolden the US to make forays into other territories.’
    • ‘The pressure of such defensive forays into inner-city territory, each homing in acutely at the side of others and being jostled by them, makes for compound ironies which are truly sharpened and banal.’
    • ‘Our first foray into enemy territory was a bitter disappointment.’
    • ‘It took Cartha 16 minutes to score their first try, despite Lenzie having had just one foray into enemy territory.’
    • ‘And then there were the forays into enemy territory, expeditions to raid another pack's street corner - or, as often, to defend our own.’
    • ‘While Athenian forces made raids and even established small coastal bases in Spartan territory, these forays were unable to inflict sufficient damage to aid the Athenian fight.’
    • ‘Mushtaq was a maverick strokeplayer with a love of sudden forays down the pitch, even to quick bowlers, and daring strokes that had bowlers tearing their hair out.’
    • ‘Moonlighting has dark undertones, suggesting forays into unknown territory.’
    • ‘Almost every page covers wars, forays, battles that picture an unending series of conflicts between the British and the French, the colonists and the Indians, even the Dutch and the Swedes.’
    raid, attack, assault, incursion, swoop, strike, charge, sortie, sally, rush, onrush, push, thrust, onslaught, offensive, bombardment
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    1. 1.1 An attempt to become involved in a new activity or sphere.
      ‘my first foray into journalism’
      • ‘He even makes a brief foray into the Italian rap scene, which is mostly left-wing and mostly political.’
      • ‘A brief foray into motor racing ended when he got lost during the Paris to Dakar rally.’
      • ‘First, as our brief foray into the history of anthropometry shows, the measurement and creation of body averages have their own politically inflected and culturally biased histories.’
      • ‘Eighteen months ago it pulled the plug on its brief foray into Wellbeing services such as manicures and massages.’
      • ‘So Lady Vee had only a brief foray into the realm of dating.’
      • ‘My brief foray into fishmongering was a miserable failure, so I had to get myself a writing gig.’
      • ‘Due to my brief foray into the lore of the Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic worlds, I was aware of the nature of a wicker man before I saw this film.’
      • ‘Apart from a brief foray into Proverbs, every single one of the passages was from the Psalms.’
      • ‘As for the sleazy clientele, my brief foray into the world of porn stardom revealed a crowd made up not of lone perverts in search of thrills, but young people who were up for a bit of a laugh.’
      • ‘So what can we learn from this brief and sobering foray into the world of political consulting and rough-and-tumble politics?’
      • ‘I once attempted a sex scene in a brief and ill-advised foray into fiction.’
      • ‘After a brief foray into politics, she returned to where she is most comfortable - in the company of words.’
      • ‘Maxtor fell back into the red during its third fiscal quarter, it admitted this week, after a brief foray into profitability during Q2.’
      • ‘The track makes a brief foray into soothing ambience, but comes full circle before long.’
      • ‘My focus, however, will be on his brief foray into working-class education.’
      • ‘Of course, with all of my lessons, this too became something more than a brief foray into Surrealism.’
      • ‘The foray into spirituality had evolved into an abstract series called ‘The Fragments’, which she exhibited in 2003 in Mumbai.’
      • ‘The book is a foray into the collective psyche of African Americans - an attempt to explain why the vast majority of black folks hold the former president in such high esteem.’
      • ‘The point of this brief foray into the law of evidence is to underscore that the precise nature of the evidence and the ruling on admissibility is a matter for trial.’
      • ‘Its also pretty self evidently false, as the briefest foray into the science and its history will tell you.’


  • no object , with adverbial of direction Make or go on a foray.

    ‘the place into which they were forbidden to foray’
    • ‘This jewellery brand has now forayed into the Japanese market through Takashimaya, a Japanese jewellery firm which showcases Ganjam's creations.’
    • ‘We are also foraying into commercial property to build a five-acre tech park in Whitefield with a 12-storey tower for the knowledge industry.’
    • ‘Yes, the widely-used search engine is foraying into the world of e-mail and has created quite a buzz for itself in recent weeks.’
    • ‘Not satisfied with his triumphs in the areas of economics and political science, he has forayed into literature.’
    • ‘After filling in the time between performances with a quick visit to the Fringe Club, I again forayed into the Library for this one woman show.’
    • ‘The slogan aficionado then forayed into the world of advertising.’
    • ‘Today, franchising has forayed into all sectors, ranging from food and beverages to childcare and healthcare.’
    • ‘The need for the viewer to decipher the work was exactly what the artists who first forayed into the world of surrealism had in mind.’
    • ‘When she forays into Kentucky and the eastern mountains, both she and the Consort give the music a slight bend and loosen up a bit rhythmically.’
    • ‘Zee Network has already forayed into regional language channels under the brand name of ‘Alpha’ with channels in Marathi, Gujrati, Punjabi and Bangla.’
    • ‘The company forayed into the Chinese and Kazakhstan markets and secured orders for gas turbine generating equipments.’
    • ‘This is the first time that a new generation private sector bank is foraying into the Russian market to cater to the growing retail and trade finance demand in the country.’
    • ‘He formed his own drama company and had almost 200 people working for him before he forayed into films.’
    • ‘Recently, the firm forayed into making films and television serials and there are plans for a Bengali film.’
    • ‘Steering the Indian space programme since 1994, he has always insisted that forays into the frontiers of space will always be driven by the desire to fulfil the needs of social welfare.’
    • ‘And that is why he has forayed into designing clothes for men.’
    • ‘When new gamers foray onto the net, I guess they still drift over to the venerable newsgroup.’
    • ‘There were two times during those years when I forayed into a J-shaped world, but neither was for very long, due to my disappointment with the development tools.’
    • ‘The guerrillas would foray into Algeria, then flee back into Tunisia.’
    • ‘Spurred by the urge for excellence, Indian women are foraying into the rarified entrepreneurial space.’


Middle English: back-formation from forayer ‘a person who forays’, from Old French forrier ‘forager’, from fuerre ‘straw’ (see forage).