Definition of for openers in US English:

for openers


  • To start with; first of all.

    ‘for openers, the car is roomier than the old model’
    • ‘A silly subterfuge, I know, but it's the best I can do for openers.’
    • ‘I think for openers, the president and the vice president ought to put the records out in terms of what they have done and not done as it relates to corporate wrongdoing.’
    • ‘First, for openers, we thank Harry Belafonte for giving us this time exclusively.’
    • ‘Here, for openers, are the transcripts of what Naughton's had to say on his program.’
    • ‘Lynne was more adventurous and went for the pheasant like a shot, and pate for openers.’
    • ‘If these interests get their way, the losers will be innovators, technologists and business users, for openers and - more importantly - legions of consumers and citizens who make up the Internet community.’
    • ‘Well, for openers, I told him, you never know exactly what you're getting until you acquire the company.’
    • ‘‘Big’ is relative to water and experience, but for seasoned hands on the major reservoirs and well-managed private lakes, 8 pounds sounds about right for openers.’
    • ‘It blasts away for openers - not for the first time - with the overture from Rossini's otherwise neglected opera The Thieving Magpie.’
    • ‘Operators, who chose not to speak for attribution, say the Boyz and Girlz situation is exceptional because, for openers, they were priced as analog services at 17 cents per subscriber.’