Definition of for one thing in US English:

for one thing


  • Used to introduce one of two or more possible reasons for something, the remainder of which may or may not be stated.

    ‘Why hadn't he arranged to see her at the house? For one thing, it would have been warmer’
    • ‘He flags his surprise endings far too far in advance, for one thing.’
    • ‘Well, for one thing, there's a self-defence issue here which may justify the use of lethal force by the police officer.’
    • ‘It's far too noisy, for one thing, plus we're all phenomenally busy, a fact that should delight upper management.’
    • ‘Well, for one thing, writing a shocking story has been, historically, one way to bring yourself to public attention.’
    • ‘One cannot lament its influence, for one thing because to do so would be useless.’
    • ‘I think he wants to see how people are raising money in his wife's name, for one thing.’
    • ‘It's got him onto the health pages of the Telegraph, for one thing.’
    • ‘Well, for one thing, the cast of characters apparently has spread out all over the country.’
    • ‘Not that I was inclined to go round: for one thing, I had no idea what to say.’
    • ‘Class, for one thing, appears to have changed radically while the Queen remains.’