Definition of for one's liking in US English:

for one's liking


  • To suit one's taste or wishes.

    ‘he is a little too showy for my liking’
    • ‘The wings appeared to be charred but tasted all right for my liking.’
    • ‘Homer and Barney were obvious targets for their liking of beer but the children were also singled out for their fondness of sugary drinks.’
    • ‘I also ate one of Benedict's frog's legs which was a bit heavy on the cumin for my liking - unless that's what frog's legs taste of.’
    • ‘Bored with the look of your home that seems too stark for your liking?’
    • ‘Journalists are known for their liking for the bottle.’
    • ‘Let us begin today, Senators, with a question each of you have been asked before, more than once, more than twice, perhaps too many times for your liking.’
    • ‘The world's a pretty big place, and two-thirds of it is made up of sea water, so it might seem a little strange that some people regard the oceans as being too crowded for their liking.’
    • ‘His taste was a bit to fluffy colored for her liking though the shape and placement of the furniture could not be faulted.’
    • ‘It's kind of too green in tone for my liking, but it has some good points.’
    • ‘He gave the over all impression of someone who had tasted something much too sour for his liking.’