Definition of for my (or his, her, etc.) part in US English:

for my (or his, her, etc.) part


  • Used to focus attention on one person or group and distinguish them from others involved in a situation.

    ‘for my part I was glad when the end of September came’
    • ‘Now, for my part, I never heard anyone suggest such a connection.’
    • ‘I, for my part, have been a passionate admirer of Saramago since the early 1990s, when I first reviewed him for The Nation.’
    • ‘Crowley, for his part, was puzzled by the referee's decision to penalise him.’
    • ‘Yesterday we spent inside in the tippy tail of Hurricane Gustaf, listening to the barn creak and moan, watching little parts of the barn roof lift off and, for my part, panicking.’
    • ‘We travelled along in a conversationless silence, which though partly enforced by the noise of the cycle and the disposition of its passengers, was for my part, both voluntary and welcome.’
    • ‘Cook, for his part, professes to have been unaware of any ill-feeling until 1987 at the earliest.’
    • ‘Wells, for his part also seemed excited about his contribution to the team and his berth in the nationals.’
    • ‘Welch, for his part, sees the people he hired, and Immelt in particular, as his main legacy.’
    • ‘Simon, for his part, was preparing to party a bar in town put on standby hours before any count result was announced.’
    • ‘But for my part, I won't be paying any more attention to anyone's gender - even if they ask me to - than I do now.’
    for my part, for my own part, for myself, according to my way of thinking, to my mind, in my estimation, as far as i am concerned, in my opinion, in my view, in my own opinion, in my own view, from my own point of view, from where i stand, from my standpoint, as i see it, if you ask me, for my money, in my book
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