Definition of for example in US English:

for example


  • Used to introduce something chosen as a typical case.

    ‘many, like Helen, for example, come from very poor backgrounds’
    • ‘For example, a lead target is bombarded with a beam of accelerated nickel or zinc ions.’
    • ‘I had been told that less than a quarter of residents under fifty, for example, vote.’
    • ‘On the other hand helmets may help in preventing a fractured skull for example.’
    • ‘There are so many variables, for example interest rates have an effect on demand.’
    • ‘The average life expectancy, for example, rose in China much more than it did in India.’
    • ‘There they have been disguised in many cunning ways, for example inside garden sheds.’
    • ‘Younger children have to be made aware of what to do, for example, if they lose their parents in a shop.’
    • ‘This time last season, for example, Burnley hit a similar run of form having got off to a bad start.’
    • ‘Credit cards, for example, typically charge some four or five times the cost to the bank.’
    • ‘For example, generalists are tired of hearing the same old lectures on cardiac failure.’
    • ‘If they are off the road, for example on a grass verge, the district council then has to be notified.’
    • ‘Some areas, for example Tadworth, will have no bus service at all in any direction.’
    • ‘They could get an extra few quid every time they answered a question directly, for example.’
    • ‘Take, for example, the shutting of a small girl in a locker by three older girls.’
    • ‘An astonishing number of people already listen to radio via the net, for example.’
    • ‘Japan, for example, bases its prices on a weighted average of prices in other markets.’
    • ‘For example, the initial design of a product determines how much of it we need for a given use.’
    • ‘The theft of the items could have been subsequent to the murder and not the reason for it, for example.’
    • ‘When a firm is taken over, for example, there is no obligation on the new owner to shore up a fund in deficit.’
    for instance, e.g., to give an example, to give an instance, by way of illustration, as an illustration, to illustrate, such as, as, like
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