Definition of for effect in US English:

for effect


  • In order to impress people.

    ‘I suspect he's controversial for effect’
    • ‘It seems he has exaggerated the press reports greatly for effect.’
    • ‘Nothing was done for effect, he was incredibly generous, talented and showed great empathy.’
    • ‘He indicates a space in front of his nose, then pauses for effect.’
    • ‘There is neither any chopped parsley on the plate's rim nor a twig of rosemary speared into the food for effect.’
    • ‘But most of what they do is minimal in terms of harm while maximising a particular impression for effect.’
    • ‘So many writers in this country are just working for effect and impressions as opposed to good, solid narrative.’
    • ‘I promise total truth on my blog, no stories are exaggerated for effect and it is all from the heart.’
    • ‘This is a sobering drama, never blatantly reaching for effect, but quietly moving nonetheless.’
    • ‘If anything, he should be brought in wearing prison garb, perhaps in shackles, just for effect.’
    • ‘He paused for effect and stabbed a finger at the first firm on the list, which happened to be Toyota.’