Definition of for all someone is worth in US English:

for all someone is worth


  • 1As energetically or enthusiastically as someone can.

    ‘he thumps the drums for all he's worth’
    • ‘Let him not worry if he cannot avoid killing the snake, but try for all he is worth to overcome the anger and ill-will of men by his patient endeavour as a first step towards cultivating universal love.’
    • ‘Just when things look darkest, there is a glimmer of hope, and the good guy decides he is going to fight for all he is worth to get what he wants.’
    • ‘Haircuts have always been something my son is extremely resistive to that he tends to fight for all he is worth.’
  • 2So as to obtain everything one can from someone.

    ‘the youths milked him for all he was worth and then disappeared’
    • ‘If you want to experience Beethoven for all he is worth using your best acoustic resources, then you probably will be able to find better recordings of each individual piece.’
    • ‘Sue him for all he is worth, and take back every penny you ever gave this scrub of a human.’