Definition of for a start in US English:

for a start


  • Used to introduce or emphasize the first or most important of a number of considerations.

    ‘this side is at an advantage—for a start, there are more of them’
    • ‘The brand launch, for a start, could not have come at a better time for advertisers and media outlets.’
    • ‘Parents, for a start, should restrict a child's viewing hours to around a couple of hours every day.’
    • ‘It is important to point out, for a start, that this is not a national security risk.’
    • ‘There was the shepherd's pie, for a start, made from the minced-up leftovers from the Sunday joint.’
    • ‘Well, for a start, I think that we should pursue an independent foreign policy.’
    • ‘Senator Chambers said the issue, for a start, was a matter for the Management Board to decide.’
    • ‘It had to be cotton for a start, and I didn't want any floral design or any narrow straight lines.’
    • ‘If they had discussed it with local people we could have set them straight on a few things, how many people are affected, for a start.’
    • ‘On the other hand my focus on albums might have held me back in some ways - for a start hardly anyone buys them.’
    • ‘The advantages of such programs are far higher recovery rates, for a start.’