Definition of footwork in US English:



  • 1The manner in which one moves one's feet in various activities such as sports and dancing.

    ‘he speaks with other boxers, stopping to comment on punching angles and footwork’
    • ‘This delicate piece, with its intricate footwork, was danced especially well by the men.’
    • ‘Ellis Johnson puts himself in position to make plays, using proper footwork and good angles.’
    • ‘The defensive player must use good footwork and keep moving to avoid being pinned for a layup.’
    • ‘He has been hitting early every day and has worked on his footwork to improve his defensive play.’
    • ‘The coaches wanted to check out his jump hook, bank shot, footwork, agility and power moves.’
    • ‘Molina focused on shortening up his footwork and his arm action when he makes throws.’
    • ‘The Cowboys will work with him in the offseason to improve his footwork and technique.’
    • ‘Cirillo changed his footwork in an effort to stride more into pitches and calmed the bat movement above his head.’
    • ‘Can stop and start without losing momentum and is able to work back inside with good footwork and the use of club and rip moves.’
    • ‘Others disagree, saying that a player can develop good footwork through practice.’
    • ‘He impressed coaches with his strength and even impressed some of his teammates with his footwork.’
    • ‘Soccer develops great footwork because you have to be able to use either foot.’
    • ‘When he stopped he started doing some even more complicated footwork, this time moving from left to right.’
    • ‘This teaches them footwork, spin moves and getting used to using their bodies.’
    • ‘Many outstanding bowlers have performed in unusual manners not related to footwork or release.’
    • ‘Barron must work on his footwork, positioning, punch and overall technique to excel.’
    • ‘His legs suddenly allowed him to move faster and his footwork became a pattern, energy flowed into his legs and caused him to sprint faster.’
    • ‘The Ukrainian recovered to produce a double Axel and a difficult straight line footwork all on one foot.’
    • ‘In the gym I tend to do a lot of plyometrics and explosive work because a lot of fencing is about footwork and changing the rhythm.’
    • ‘Each couple emphasized footwork as they moved together and with the group.’
    1. 1.1 Adroit response to sudden danger or new opportunities.
      ‘the company had to do a lot of nimble footwork to stay alive’