Definition of footwell in US English:



  • A space for the feet in front of a seat in a vehicle or aircraft.

    • ‘However, I found plenty of room in the driver's seat and was pleased to note a large footwell with plenty of space between the pedals and even a clutch footrest.’
    • ‘Smaller dogs, cats and other creatures should be placed in a pet carrier that is secured by a conventional seatbelt or firmly wedged in the car footwell.’
    • ‘Car parks are no longer places to leave the car, they are also somewhere to dump the detritus that fills the footwells of our vehicles.’
    • ‘It needs to be the correct size and should be held firmly in place with the seat belt or by wedging it firmly in the footwell.’
    • ‘I like the space in the footwell - we often drive on skiing holidays so I have to be able to drive wearing boots.’
    • ‘However, the narrow footwell means there's no space to rest your left foot, so you end up with your leg bent, foot poised just above the clutch pedal.’
    • ‘But he returned to find the doors unlocked, and the case missing from the footwell behind the driver's seat.’
    • ‘It ripped all the pedals off in the footwell and damaged the seat but the car stood up very well.’
    • ‘The only real problem with the load area is that items tend to slide forward and drop into what is effectively the rear footwell and then under the front seats.’
    • ‘This was a car in which tools had been discovered in the footwell of the passenger seat.’
    • ‘Pedals live down in the footwell, where you cannot see them, or your feet, but they are all there, plus a foot rest for the left leg - an important part of any race car engineering.’
    • ‘Front seats are supportive but the footwell space is tight.’
    • ‘Every possible area of free space is utilised including arm rests, footwells, door panels, under-seat drawers and the 15 litre optional centre console.’
    • ‘We found Nikki's lack of footwells inconvenient when disposing of old crisp bags, apple cores, unspooled tapes, Snack-a-Jack packets and pop cans, although there was ample room in the rear.’
    • ‘Removable stowage boxes which fit into the rear footwells are available as an option.’
    • ‘Two days later, as she was clearing out the car for a new windscreen, she discovered a two-and-half inch long, one-and-half inch diameter solid metal cylinder in the footwell of the passenger seat.’
    • ‘The rear footwell swallows the thin third seat when folded, and places the seatback flush with the load floor.’
    • ‘Her soccer bag was in the footwell behind David's seat, and she reached into it to get her sweatshirt.’
    • ‘The seats are some of the most comfortable in this size of car, and there are unobtrusive stowage spaces - including concealed compartments in the front footwells.’
    • ‘The rear footwells of my car always contain ample beverages for a week, so I rarely buy drinks out.’


1980s: from foot + well (in the sense ‘a depression in the floor’).