Definition of footrest in English:



  • A support for the feet or a foot, used when sitting.

    • ‘Kimberly rested her feet on my footrest, so she was parallel to Troy.’
    • ‘He's got this really comfy grey ergonomic chair with a nice footrest and good back support.’
    • ‘I have always referred to large, overstuffed seats with no backs (commonly used as footrests these days) as ‘ottomans,’ and I'm sure I'm not alone on this.’
    • ‘Where the keyboard is located on a fixed-height surface, raising the seat height to adopt the correct seating position may require the use of a suitable footrest to support the feet.’
    • ‘Sit on a decline bench, hooking your feet under the footrest, knees bent, and lean torso back slightly.’
    • ‘I see leather straps hanging from silver chains on the armrests and footrests of the chair.’
    • ‘He placed a foot on the footrest, and lifted himself up towards the drivers cabin.’
    • ‘On the other is the open-air lounge, with a fully stocked bar and comfy Indonesian daybeds with plump throw pillows, and low tables that double as footrests.’
    • ‘Most reclining chairs were fitted with footrests, some were added when one wished to recline, others permanently attached and recessed in the chair rail, sometimes to be supported by wooden legs or metal braces when in use.’
    • ‘A chaise longue is accompanied by a cube that can be a footrest, a table or seating extension.’
    • ‘Choose furnishings that serve more than one function, such as chests with both storage and seating, large ottomans that serve as coffee tables, footrests and seats and kitchen tables that also work as desks and play areas.’
    • ‘He sat on an elegant chair and propped his feet on a footrest.’
    • ‘She sat back down and placed her feet on the footrest again.’
    • ‘If you were told delivery would take eight weeks and there would be footrests on the chair, then that is what you should get.’
    • ‘If your desk is too high, use a footrest to maintain the correct posture.’
    • ‘I could quite happily curl up under my desk, with my head on my footrest, and sleep like a baby.’
    • ‘Those so called ‘seats’ are actually footrests.’
    • ‘Also included in the Movement collection is a selection of stools, recliners, footrests, work surfaces and tables.’
    • ‘He leaned back and put his feet up on the footrest.’
    • ‘Pulling up the footrest causes the recliner to lay back.’