Definition of footprint in English:



  • 1The impression left by a foot or shoe on the ground or a surface.

    • ‘She went into her room, her feet making footprints on the dusty floor.’
    • ‘Yet in the sand was a third set of footprints and the smudgy impression of his body being dragged away.’
    • ‘Everywhere the red-tinted cement is impressed with the footprints of children, feral dogs, rickshaws.’
    • ‘There were some deep footprints in the ground near the wall and stile that were made when the ground was much softer than it was now.’
    • ‘In one of the trenches, possible animal footprints or impressions have been found.’
    • ‘She walked away, her shoes leaving footprints on the lightly snow covered ground.’
    • ‘We took the shoes and formed footprints, leading up four storeys or so.’
    • ‘The wear on the sole of a shoe obvious from a footprint can often be just as useful.’
    • ‘They cautiously advanced into the small basin, carefully examining the ground for footprints or other signs of recent use.’
    • ‘The grassy ground was muddy and marked with numerous footprints, filling with water as raindrops fell.’
    • ‘And of course Buddhists still use it to symbolise the feet or footprints of the Buddha.’
    • ‘I had seen strange things on the island: a footprint from a large shoe, when we all went around with bare feet; a cigarette end - none of us smoked; strange shadows among the trees, shadows that belonged to no one.’
    • ‘There was a footprint about five feet ahead of me, which looked like what one of their footprints should look like.’
    • ‘She took a few steps, her shoes making footprints in the dust on the floor.’
    • ‘The waves crashed in over her delicate feet and erased the footprints in the sand behind her.’
    • ‘He looked down at the ground, not even footprints could be found.’
    • ‘The argument for authenticity also hinges on the assumption that the footprints show a foot skeleton unique in proportion relative to human feet.’
    • ‘The ground held hard, but her shoes left a footprint.’
    • ‘She set off across the meadow, leaving no footprints on the ground.’
    • ‘During the next patrol, at about 10 p.m., however, our men found fresh footprints on the wet ground.’
    footmark, footstep, track, print, mark, spoor, trace, impression
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    1. 1.1 The impact on the environment of human activity in terms of pollution, damage to ecosystems, and the depletion of natural resources.
      ‘these countries are so populous that they can have a very big footprint’
      • ‘Not only is launching from a balloon well proven and cheaper, it also leaves a carbon footprint so small as to be invisible.’
      • ‘But my hunch is that the carbon footprint per page viewed will be less on the screen.’
      • ‘I am not sure that would lower the worlds carbon footprint.’
      • ‘Thanks to solar panels that soak up energy during the day to power the wheel, those extravagant light shows have a minuscule carbon footprint.’
      • ‘So shrink your carbon footprint and find out more.’
      • ‘Unlike high-energy silicon manufacture, this will be a cheap low-temperature process for a small carbon footprint.’
      • ‘These may be small steps, but the energy monitors help you understand your contributions to cut your carbon footprint.’
      • ‘The company lost huge marks for not acknowledging the extent of its carbon footprint.’
      • ‘Primarily aimed at small businesses, the initiative also includes effective managements solutions in an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint of HP products.’
      • ‘This is just another example of how we leave carbon footprints everywhere we go.’
      • ‘And companies concerned about their carbon footprints or looking to cultivate a green image may consider videoconferencing as a way to show their commitment to the environment.’
      • ‘This need not be the case; steps can be taken to reduce the carbon footprint of even the smallest of organisations.’
      • ‘Anything that is reasonable in price and technically feasible that can reduce carbon footprint might work.’
      • ‘I hope these power-hungry server farms start looking to reducing their energy footprint.’
      • ‘Using the same aggregates as normal concrete, it could be used anywhere cement is but with a fraction of the carbon footprint.’
      • ‘This will reduce the utility's carbon footprint.’
      • ‘The backlit screen does that for you and at night you can reduce brightness, thereby cutting your carbon footprint further.’
      • ‘How much do you think consumers care about individual products ' carbon footprint?’
      • ‘We can design our products to minimize the environmental footprint they leave.’
      • ‘Music streaming can be bad for your carbon footprint - the computer has to be on to play audio files from its hard drive.’
    2. 1.2Computing The amount of memory or disk space required by a program.
      • ‘This allows for a smaller memory footprint than loading all the instruments simultaneously.’
      • ‘Twenty per cent improvements in performance - in addition to the smaller footprints - are anticipated by Intel.’
      • ‘The software has a very small installed footprint of less than 2.5MB.’
      • ‘What is needed is something that can transfer a decent amount of files with the smallest footprint.’
      • ‘In most cases, memory footprint is down 75 %.’
      • ‘This addition is part of Sophos's overall growth strategy and deepens its North American footprint.’
  • 2The area occupied or affected by something.

    ‘building contractors ensured that the footprint of the former military base was reused’
    • ‘If the footprint exceeds the available biologically productive area of the country, it runs an ecological deficit (fourth column of Table 1).’
    • ‘When we enter, we are daunted by the great height of the room in comparison with its modest footprint.’
    • ‘And we're looking at reducing the footprint of this facility as people are moving forward.’
    • ‘To achieve a workable space, the floor of the arcades that covered the footprint of the theatre was demolished.’
    • ‘Its four storeys would cover the same footprint of the factory, but would not be at a higher level.’
    • ‘Over the coming weeks I will be discussing with my colleagues in Scottish Development International how best to enlarge our footprint in what is a market of massive significance.’
    • ‘The proposed gas terminal consists of a series of buildings and other structures which will be constructed on a platform footprint area of approximately 13 hectares.’
    • ‘It's equally important to create a livable community for a greater number of people on the same footprint, said Mussatto.’
    • ‘But as the borders of colonialism receded, R & D receded with them, shrinking to match the footprint of the consumer market.’
    • ‘But the streets, the oldest footprint of the town, remain in so many American cities with surprising obduracy.’
    • ‘Just to the east of the Better Living Centre is a plaque in the ground that shows the footprints of the old grandstands, as well as some of the old seats from the stadium.’
    • ‘The new enginehouse sits beside the old V & T turntable pit and does not cover the footprint of the former wooden roundhouse, which varied between four and six stalls.’
    • ‘Mayor Angelo Tsirekas argued that the footprint of the development remained constant, so the overall impact of the alterations was minimal.’
    • ‘It's going to be very important to maintain the regimental footprints in the these areas.’
    • ‘He said Magellan had chosen the number of houses to reduce the footprint of development on the site, to reduce the impact on the green belt.’
    • ‘The sales footprint covers key markets in Germany, Spain, Scandinavia, Portugal, and the UK amongst others.’
    • ‘The new service, once consumer-driven, has expanded its footprint to include public safety networks and municipal applications.’
    • ‘Widening will be done in most cases within the existing footprint of the road by eating into hard shoulders and central reservations.’
    • ‘Squeeze a modern NFL stadium inside the footprint of the original Soldier Field.’
    • ‘Lake County voting records show there are 116 people registered to vote in the footprint of the U.S. Steel Yard stadium.’
    1. 2.1 The area beneath an aircraft or a land vehicle that is affected by its noise or weight.
      • ‘The footprint of a vehicle will be calculated by multiplying its wheelbase by its track width.’
      • ‘Airborne ISR can also leave a smaller footprint than other methods if we base the aircraft outside the host nation.’
      • ‘As it gains altitude and speed, the area - the footprint - widens out as the options begin to include turning a little right and left.’
      • ‘Another possible alternative is maximizing the use of another element of the strategic triad to reduce the airlift footprint.’
      • ‘And the next thing they have to do is to get to the zoning authorities and tell them not to allow people to move into the noise footprint of the airport.’
      • ‘Simon said noise is not the kind of issue it is at other urban airports, noting that El Toro is the only airport in the country that does not have homes within its 65-dB noise footprint.’
      • ‘In the same report you referred to the annoyance caused by RAF Tucano aircraft which are not jets but affect people over a wide area of the Vale of York because of their high frequency noise footprint and the way they are used in training.’
      • ‘Air-tour helicopter operators at the canyon have to make money with a lower-capacity aircraft with a larger noise footprint.’
    2. 2.2 The area in which a broadcast signal from a particular source can be received.
      • ‘ABC Asia Pacific television began broadcasting in December and already has a footprint extending from Bangladesh in the west, Korea in the north and as far east as the Cook Islands.’
      • ‘To increase profitability and attract new customers, service providers have focused typically on expanding their network footprints.’
      • ‘The satellite's footprints extend beyond the U.S. borders, and signals can be received as far north as Edmonton.’
      • ‘Satellite signals and footprints did not respect geo-political boundaries and it was no longer possible to limit the medium or its message to the confines of the nation state.’
      • ‘Cogent currently provides Ethernet services in 15 metro markets and is extending its footprint to include five additional markets by the end of the year.’
      • ‘It is supposed to have 2.5-meter resolution as well as the capacity to send down images that can be received within the imaged footprint.’
      • ‘‘What we then realized with this network is that we have an opportunity to spread the programming further than the existing footprint,’ he says.’
      • ‘Carriers are also expanding their footprint into communication-starved rural areas to tap unmet demand.’
      • ‘Digital cable is available virtually throughout its footprint, although just 183,000 customers have signed on as of March 31.’
      • ‘One of the participants noted that it was the broadcasters who mooted the first real idea of CAS to ensure that all channels that had a footprint in the country could be viewed on demand.’
      • ‘In addition to international expansion, it hopes to expand its footprint with its current customers.’
      • ‘A square white sector antenna with a beam width of about 40°, angles down at the park and provides a signal footprint that serves the park itself and little else.’
      • ‘This system fits right within the footprint of our six-speed transmission.’
      • ‘In other words, the plan is not to restrict the wireless footprint of these hotspots.’
      • ‘The footprint for the free satellite covers all of Britain and Ireland.’
    3. 2.3 The space taken up on a surface by a piece of computer hardware.
      • ‘Consolidation also reduces facilities and device maintenance expenses through the reduction of the storage footprint and optimization of physical device usage.’
      • ‘Most of them have unique benefits over any other window manager - smaller memory footprints, more efficient code, better extensibility and so forth.’
      • ‘Third, it has a small footprint, saving space in the data centre.’
      • ‘And by just taking the pieces I want, I have smaller footprints because I leave behind the features I don't need.’
      • ‘But the real selling point for this printer is its space-saving footprint.’
      • ‘The system uses a flat panel touchscreen and a separate IR keyboard and its small footprint allows it to fit any test bench.’
      • ‘When running in 2D mode, the graphics has a memory footprint as small as 1MB.’
      • ‘Backup initially consisted of moving data to some form of media that could be transported and housed in a reasonable footprint and stored for long periods of time.’
      • ‘Finally, technology footprints continue to shrink, leaving that much more space ready to be used for other uses.’
      • ‘This suggests that developers might be better off concentrating their energies on PDAs and other devices with larger footprints and screens.’
      • ‘In-band replication solutions are non-invasive, having no need for a software footprint on the application server.’
      • ‘The program leaves a small footprint on your PC as most of the data resides on the CD.’
      • ‘The reduced footprint of SATA data connections frees up space on motherboards, potentially allowing for more convenient layouts and room for more onboard features!’
      • ‘In 61 minutes, the machine compiled a model with a memory footprint larger than the largest user space in 32-bit Linux - 3.6GB.’
      • ‘In addition, they have all increased the densities of drives within rack environments to ensure the footprint provides maximum capacity in limited space.’
      • ‘The CX6400 takes up minimal space - it's got a small footprint, and it's not too tall for a printer with a flatbed scanner topping it.’
      • ‘So to sum up we've got a very good OS that's a pleasure to use, and that you're going to think just about justifies the vast hardware footprint.’
      • ‘And libraries do offer high-density storage in a small footprint.’
      • ‘The net effect was to reduce their storage footprint by about 30%, which in turn pushed back the need for upgrading the mail server with larger hard drives.’
      • ‘Compare the total amount of data that can be stored in the same footprint and DVD gets much more attractive than MO.’