Definition of footpace in US English:



  • 1Walking speed.

    • ‘On this spot I saw abundance of plover; and as I walked my horse along at a foot pace, I observed many of the newly hatched young, around which the old birds anxiously hovered, continually resorting to a well-known artifice; and in the hope of alluring an enemy to a false pursuit, limping tenderly away with a flagging wing, as if they were lame.’
    • ‘We'll describe how the Long Trail is a window on Vermont in the 1990's, offering a view from the mountaintops, at foot pace, of environmental and growth-and-development issues facing all of Vermont.’
    • ‘We came out on the turnpike some hundred yards on the Liphook side of the buildings called the Hut; so that we had the whole of three miles of hill to come down at not much better than a foot pace, with a good pelting rain at our backs.’
  • 2A raised section of a floor.

    • ‘Set in the footpace before the altar is a memorial containing stones brought from St. John's Chapel at Glastonbury, England, and from St. Columba's Monastery on the Island of Iona in the Scottish Hebrides.’
    • ‘In some circumstances it may be possible to completely pave paths using individual steps and footpaces.’
    • ‘It has the same effect as where the altar is on the same level as the sanctuary sans footpace.’
    • ‘The footpace in the sanctuary is three tiered, constructed of red oak inlaid in a beautiful pattern.’
    • ‘The three Ministers stand side by side upon the footpace, the Deacon and Subdeacon turning slightly inwards.’
    • ‘The hay-trusser deposited his basket by the font, went up the nave till he reached the altar-rails, and opening the gate entered the sacrarium, where he seemed to feel a sense of the strangeness for a moment; then he knelt upon the footpace.’
    • ‘I am indebted to Dot Wordsworth's Spectator column for drawing my attention to the wondrous vocabulary of church furnishings - ‘dossals and paenula-shaped chasubles, footpaces and tables of prothesis’.’
    • ‘Over the footpace of the altar hangs a unique crucifix on which the carved oak corpus leans forward in a spasm of death agony, with its arms grotesquely twisted behind.’
    • ‘The Alpsgreen is an Italian marble, and the footpace is formed of a monolith eight feet long, an unusual size.’
    • ‘Three pillows are placed before the footpace so that the Ministers may lie prostrate before the Altar.’