Definition of footlong in English:



  • Measuring one foot in length.

    • ‘Her teacher, the one with the footlong wooden ruler that cracked the backs of small hands for any disobedience, actual or imagined, had given her four licks in front of the class for calling the new girl… white.’
    • ‘I went into pregnancy and motherhood with a footlong list of absolutes.’
    • ‘That's a footlong space of darkness on my bookshelf I could've saved.’
    • ‘During a footlong tuna sub I glanced across the sporting headlines concerning the weekend fixtures and headlines.’
    • ‘With Pease's invention, a diver carries a footlong antenna that emits a magnetic field.’
    • ‘A mirror rig was basically a small mirror welded to the tip of a footlong metal stick, which, in this case, was foldable.’
    • ‘He says he's from Australia, name's Heath, and pulls a footlong Corona Double A cigar out of his satchel.’
    • ‘He catches me sneaking away from the campfire and blocks my path, brandishing a bright-red, footlong salami in his one good hand.’
    • ‘I'm on burdock detail, digging the rough, brown, footlong roots out of the red clay of a nearby field with a fellow student.’


  • A hot dog one foot long.

    • ‘We have quite a few words for hotdogs, frankfurters, weiners, footlongs, in English.’
    • ‘Someone mentions Zesto and I can still taste the footlongs and smell that wonderful aroma!’
    • ‘I recommend the Oscar Mayer footlongs over the Hormel regular sized dogs, they just have a better taste, but everything is great.’
    • ‘We exchange cards and go to Ann's Dari Cream for double dog footlongs and a shake.’
    • ‘Northwards, there's everything that makes downtown Toronto as wild or black tie as you want it to be - from clubs and live theatre to fine dining, world class shopping, alternative body modification parlours, neighbourhood bistros, professional sports and that little guy in front of the Convention Centre with the world's best footlongs.’
    • ‘Mac spent the longest fifteen minutes of his life eating the footlong, he could've done it in less than half but he thought he should give Annie ample time to relax herself and continue working.’
    • ‘We serve all-beef hotdogs, pork dogs called ‘coneys’, or White's ‘all beef footlongs, Italian and Southwest sausages all free of additives and nitrates.’’