Definition of footlocker in US English:



North American
  • A small trunk or storage chest, originally stored at the foot of a bed.

    • ‘The sad passing of our ‘greatest generation’ brings a steady procession of ‘new’ swords from dusty attics and long forgotten footlockers.’
    • ‘With all of these additions, the costume collection almost immediately outgrew its original storage box and is now housed in a plastic footlocker with a hinged lid.’
    • ‘He went in his room, shut the door, opened his footlocker, and pulled out some of his best Sake, some he had been saving for an emergency such as this, at least 25 years old.’
    • ‘That part of the cargo can be carried by two people in a box the size of a footlocker.’
    • ‘The material in this outstanding book lay fallow in 25 footlockers at the Army War College and was not discovered until 1957.’
    • ‘In preparation for deployment, Soldiers loaded footlockers with hard-copy publications and forms.’
    • ‘Scattered throughout the room were sixteen double bunk beds, facing each other across a narrow corridor, with simple iron frames, thin striped mattresses and old Army footlockers.’
    • ‘Personal space is limited in some cases to a footlocker at the end of the bed and a metal wardrobe for kit.’
    • ‘Both pistols were unloaded, but the footlocker also contained several boxes of ammunition for each weapon.’
    • ‘She threw open her footlocker and dug through its contents.’
    • ‘The summit register is the size of a footlocker.’
    • ‘An upturned footlocker stands at the side of the bed, topped with a green glass-shaded lamp.’
    • ‘And the little box of medals at the bottom of his footlocker never came out.’
    • ‘When my tour of duty ended in 1968, the military allowed me to send home a footlocker full of my possessions.’
    • ‘A half-hour later, I was sitting on my footlocker completely engulfed in my world and further pleased that the issue just happened to be the 20th Anniversary Edition!’
    • ‘There's room for a footlocker between the bunk and the far wall.’
    • ‘I returned to my dorm and dug around in the footlocker my mom had gotten me.’
    • ‘She had a footlocker in her room, a footlocker actually near her bunk and that's all she was entitled to in terms of the belongings she was allowed to have.’
    • ‘I left Italy with a footlocker crammed full of cash.’
    • ‘When the first load came out of the dryer, I decided to fold up my long-sleeved shirts and put them in the antique footlocker that serves as both my coffee table and extra storage.’