Definition of footing in English:



  • 1one's footingA secure grip with one's feet.

    ‘he suddenly lost his footing’
    • ‘There was no light, and since the tunnel slanted sharply, it was hard to keep one's footing without slipping.’
    • ‘Her grip and footing slipped numerous times but she was able to reach the top.’
    • ‘When he regains his footing, he starts walking to the door.’
    • ‘Nobody really wins, one person will eventually lose their footing on the ground and everybody ends up falling.’
    • ‘‘That seems suitable,’ I said as I began to walk forward, careful of my footing.’
    • ‘Losing my footing, my frame of reference changes as the ground comes up to meet me; my mind struggles to understand what is happening.’
    • ‘My footing was less than secure, and somehow my ankle, accustomed to the exclusively forward motion of road running, twisted.’
    • ‘Suddenly I lost my footing and I fell on top of him making him fall off the chair.’
    • ‘To secure my footing I had to pack the snow first by pressing my whole body into the slope, then my knee, and finally my boot.’
    • ‘She cried out, stumbled backwards, and clutched at her nose as he regained his grip and his footing.’
    • ‘He suddenly lost his footing in the slimy mud and fell down to his knees, landing at the feet of the other man.’
    • ‘Check the depth of the step with your foot to confirm your footing for balance on the stairs.’
    • ‘After a while he glanced down at his trainers to mind his footing over a particularly uneven patch of road.’
    • ‘He parked and stepped out of the cab, but the ground was icy and almost immediately he fell to the ground after losing his footing.’
    • ‘Off balance, he rolled to the ground and regained his footing.’
    • ‘He lost his footing and fell to the ground writhing in pain.’
    • ‘I waited until I had my footing firmly on the ground and stopped getting thrown against the stall walls.’
    • ‘I ended up walking on the unshovelled areas in order to have a more secure footing.’
    • ‘Spinning the young boy lunged at the mast pole, stifling a cry as he felt his feet lose footing as he was dangling over the dark gaping ocean.’
    • ‘Over the Rhine I found my footing; I gripped the slipping rope; I was rejuvenated; my feet were washed.’
    • ‘Sirka staggered around, trying to make her way out of the hallway and into the family room, when she suddenly lost her footing.’
    • ‘Suddenly, as the young woman nears the summit of the tent, her foot slips, and she struggles, desperately, to secure her footing.’
    • ‘Her feet made slight shifts as they momentarily lost footing, but she did not stop, did not falter in her forward momentum, heading toward the East River.’
    • ‘They were playing away when a holiday maker lost her footing on the rough ground, tripped and fell, taking out the whole band.’
    • ‘He almost lots his footing as he walked over a tree root.’
    • ‘Once or twice her feet lost their footing, but with a firm grasp of the rope, Charlie was able to regain her balance, and continue downward.’
    • ‘Suddenly, and due to a momentary lapse in concentration, I too lost my footing and was swept into the stern locker, just as its lid was conveniently lifted by the water.’
    • ‘Some of the other children in the group described how Rochelle suddenly lost her footing and was taken by the flow.’
    • ‘Alex lost his footing, hit the ground, and rolled to a stop.’
    foothold, toehold, hold, grip, anchorage, purchase, secure position, firm contact, support
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  • 2in singular The basis on which something is established or operates.

    ‘attempts to establish the store on a firm financial footing’
    • ‘This goes a huge way towards putting the project on a firm financial footing (no pun intended) and turning it into a reality.’
    • ‘It would start as a ‘no-frills’ service and develop once a sound financial footing has been established.’
    • ‘They will be asked by officers to consider transferring the museums and galleries service to a trust but the report says it can only be done when they are on a firm financial footing.’
    • ‘If that means the financial footing of the club is now in a position where the new guy can get some money, I don't have a problem with that.’
    • ‘Still, it remained key to the President's political footing.’
    • ‘Financial footing is very solid, as indicated by the annual report.’
    • ‘Clearing the CVA debts will go a long way towards towards putting the club on a firmer financial footing.’
    • ‘But the club is now on a much firmer financial footing and the fans cannot be anything but happy.’
    • ‘Neither side succeeded in establishing a firm footing in the first half, as evidenced by the fact that parity obtained on four occasions.’
    • ‘Until this week, they were confident a deal could be done and a new CVA could be drawn-up which would put the club on a secure footing again.’
    • ‘Rationalists see skepticism as something which must be refuted on every count in order to establish a sure footing for absolutely certain knowledge.’
    • ‘Gregory, who is believed to retain about 8% of the equity, said the restructuring of the board would put the company on a firm footing for its next phase of expansion.’
    • ‘They figure they will need €500,000 to establish a firm footing in the market, money the company does not have at present.’
    • ‘Similarly, religions have lost their moral footing while their explanatory power now only clashes with our need for rational certainty.’
    • ‘This offers the opportunity to restart the institutions on a firmer footing than we have had before.’
    • ‘The bar established a sound footing for further expansion.’
    • ‘Andy has put his life back on a secure footing since being found guilty of espionage by a Greek court, last month.’
    • ‘But he was so obviously uncomfortable being there, so uncertain in his intellectual footing that his uneasiness just boiled through.’
    • ‘The programme was launched on a trial basis in late 2003 but is now set to be established on a permanent footing.’
    • ‘The Agency now moved into high gear to put the operation on a sound footing.’
    basis, base, foundation, underpinning, support, cornerstone
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    1. 2.1 The position or status of a person in relation to others.
      ‘the suppliers are on an equal footing with the buyers’
      • ‘I'm doing this so that our companies can compete on an equal footing with U.S. companies.’
      • ‘Earlier, she did not raise any issues before the GP, but now she finds that she can participate on an equal footing with men.’
      • ‘Now the right to down a pint has been placed on an equal footing with human rights such as freedom of expression by a Scottish council.’
      • ‘The centuries old struggle of women to take part in society building on an equal footing with men will once again be focused upon.’
      • ‘Art in that era was tacitly defined in terms of creating beauty, and that creation was in turn put on equal footing with efforts at expanding the boundaries of knowledge.’
      • ‘Putting gay couples on equal footing with straight ones would, it seems to me, mostly just increase the competition for the small supply of adoptable babies.’
      • ‘It was true for the abolition movement, the efforts to put women on an equal legal footing with men, guaranteeing religious liberties, and so many more.’
      • ‘All we ever wanted was a fair deal and to compete on an equal footing with our European competitors.’
      • ‘By then, all customer and geographic restrictions for foreign banks in China will be removed, putting them on an equal footing with Chinese banks.’
      • ‘The society is therefore urging the government to place animal welfare on an equal footing with public safety by sanctioning their recommendations.’
      • ‘He will also be able to compete on an equal footing with some of the professionals on the circuit, who have already found themselves trailing in his wake on some of the sport's most gruelling courses.’
      • ‘They argued it was necessary to put it on an equal footing with major European languages, to reflect Irish identity and culture.’
      • ‘Formed by Dougall in 1989, the company gives musicians with disabilities the chance to operate on an equal footing to those without.’
      • ‘This work is vital to demonstrate the potential impact of preventing ill health and put it on an equal footing with clinical interventions, which are routinely subject to economic evaluation.’
      • ‘Nor is it multi-polar, because it does not include any great power that stands on an equal footing with the United States.’
      • ‘It was emphasised that only in those circumstances could the buyer be said to be on an equal footing with his seller in terms of bargaining strength.’
      • ‘Foreigners will be able to compete in Chinese industries, from banking to delivery services to retail, on an equal footing with domestic companies.’
      • ‘Think about it, with a new multi-storey car park about to begin and the street being covered it would be on an equal footing with other parts of the town.’
      • ‘However, I would be interested to hear suggestions as to how the state might put the non-orthodox majority on an equal footing with the orthodox minority.’
      • ‘It seems strange to expect the elderly, who have contributed to the education of the young all their working lives, to continue to do so on an equal footing with everyone else.’
      standing, status, state, station, position, rank, grade
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  • 3usually footingsThe bottommost part of a foundation wall, with a course of concrete wider than the base of the wall.

    • ‘The lower stringer end should rest on a concrete beam foundation or on footings below each stringer.’
    • ‘They played up the contrast between plastered surfaces and the peperino stone in the footings, projecting windowsills, and coping.’
    • ‘Stabilization work involved raising the building, leveling it on steel support beams, digging new footings, and bringing the structure up to code.’
    • ‘In addition to saving on material fees, the use of manufactured stone and brick saves on labor costs because it weighs far less than the natural product and requires no footings for support.’
    • ‘First, dig the footings and construct the forms for the base.’
    • ‘The shed ‘floats’ on pier footings, allowing air to circulate beneath it so the room remains dry.’
    • ‘Another of its committees is currently working on similar guidelines for footings, foundation walls, and floor slabs.’
    • ‘This process starts with engineered three-dimensional concrete walls joined to footings with rebar.’
    • ‘The footings of the bridge supported the previous walkway and shade structure over the tracks, end were reused to minimize disturbance to the environment.’
    • ‘The foundation was a dusty, difficult process with days of labor laying out the footings, then building forms for the concrete.’
    • ‘On or about August 16, 2002 Developments requested a quotation from the plaintiff for footings and foundation walls upon the subject property.’
    • ‘Once it is at its destination, the assembly process begins with the alignment of a set of footings, which do not require deep foundations.’
    • ‘The new second-floor structure rests on existing pier footings, reducing foundation costs.’
    • ‘By June, we had the land cleared and the concrete footings and block walls done.’
    • ‘Pivoting broad steel plates at the base of the legs eliminate the need for footings; thus little site preparation is necessary.’
    • ‘But because they are some distance away from the older basement walls and footings, there was no shoring of existing foundation required during construction.’
    • ‘Pier blocks serve as a transition from the posts supporting the girder to the concrete foundation footings.’
    • ‘It's rare that cities and villages have anything more than a strength requirement for footings, foundations, and flatwork.’
    • ‘To shore up the decaying gazebo, they replaced the footings, added tongue-and-groove cedar on the ceiling, and reroofed with cedar shingles.’
    • ‘Foundations consist of spread footings under columns and interior shear walls.’