• 1in combination A person or thing of a specified number of feet in length or height.

    ‘a tall, sturdy six-footer’
  • 2A line or block of text appearing at the foot of each page of a book or document.

    Compare with header
    • ‘In the footer, put the page number, your name, and your phone number and/or e-mail address.’
    • ‘In the first article we used PHP to include common page elements such as headers and footers on our pages dynamically.’
    • ‘We recommend including this in the footer of every page of your site to reinforce that you're local to the prospects.’
    • ‘So he was forced to put the ball on the floor and shoot 8-and 10 - footers rather than catch lobs from Cota.’
    • ‘When text links were included in the footer, it allowed me to use sites with JavaScript turned off in my browser.’
    • ‘Our class could then use DOM methods to attach the header to the beginning of the document and the footer to the end.’
    • ‘Once you're authenticated, you can use the special menu items that appear in the footer of every page to make the configuration changes you desire.’
    • ‘For example, a header, footer and sidebar appear on every page.’
    • ‘Headers and footers occur on the HTML page before and after the original document.’
    • ‘In this way, it is possible to assemble a page from individual elements - beginning with headers and footers and moving on to tables and pull-down menus.’
    • ‘Finally, the footer at the bottom of the page looks odd.’
    • ‘Naturally, some weenies in the online feedback section on the footer of the page are upset by Milne's heresy.’
    • ‘Menu bars use either graphics or text links while footers almost exclusively use text links.’
    • ‘A theme is a set of graphically designed page headers, footers, site navigation bars, columns and tables.’
    • ‘I added a ‘Sitemap’ link to all page footers, upgraded the noframes entrance to something slightly more useful and wondered whether it was enough.’
    • ‘For example, your footer may only require 20 lines of CSS for its styling.’
    • ‘I also put the graphical language link in our global footer, so on every page there is a link to the Korean and Japanese pages.’
    • ‘It can now be a breeze to update page content such as headers, footers, navigation bars and changing products.’
    • ‘Rather, provide an alternate way to navigate the site such as a set of text links in the footer of your site.’
    • ‘Every single page has a footer for customer feedback.’





[NO OBJECT]Scottish
  • Fiddle around.

    ‘he nodded and started to footer with his watch’
    • ‘This opportunity is staring us in the face and we are all footering around.’
    • ‘In the meantime, fiddling and footering is about the best he can do.’
    • ‘Give this girl a gimmick, leave her to fiddle and footer about with it into the wee small hours and, in no time, she's smitten.’


Mid 18th century: variant of obsolete foutre ‘valueless thing, contemptible person’, from Old French.