Definition of foot-pound in English:



  • 1A unit of energy equal to the amount required to raise 1 pound a distance of 1 foot.

    • ‘While both may exert the same amount of total energy measured in foot-pounds, the rapid transfer of the punch is far more devastating.’
    • ‘The most practical measurement for us is free recoil energy in foot-pounds.’
    • ‘It is not necessary to hold a certificate for an air rifle which can produce a kinetic energy of less than 12 foot-pounds.’
    • ‘Excavator-driven hammer prices usually reflect power output measured in foot-pounds.’
    • ‘Air pistols are limited by law to a kinetic energy level of six foot-pounds (ft/lbs).’
  • 2A unit of torque equal to the force of 1 lb acting perpendicularly to an axis of rotation at a distance of 1 foot.

    • ‘A 2.2-litre in-line four is the base engine, offering 145 horsepower and 155 foot-pounds of torque.’
    • ‘For the technically minded, that engine generates 520 foot-pounds of torque at 4000 rpms.’
    • ‘It offers a 30-hp, 12,000-rpm spindle with 123 foot-pounds of torque.’
    • ‘I took the controls and turned toward the Fairhope airport, setting 850 foot-pounds of torque.’
    • ‘The engine was at 850 foot-pounds of torque, too high to land.’