Definition of foot-candle in US English:



  • A unit of illumination (now little used) equal to that given by a source of one candela at a distance of one foot (equivalent to one lumen per square foot or 10.764 lux).

    • ‘‘We don't need uniform foot-candle levels across a restroom as we do in an office or retail space,’ says Ronald Friedman of Art & Science Lighting Design.’
    • ‘A foot-candle is the intensity of light from a candle held one foot away or one lumen/sq. foot.’
    • ‘Code requires exit lighting to yield 25 foot-candles of light, with fixtures placed so as to be visible from any point in the space and at all required building egress points.’
    • ‘This means that you must bounce light further into space to reduce the number of foot-candles per square foot.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the spec requires the contractor to maintain an average of 5 horizontal foot-candles throughout the working area.’