Definition of foolishly in US English:



  • In an unwise manner; stupidly.

    ‘they were condemned for acting foolishly’
    ‘I foolishly wasted my money’
    ‘foolishly, I decided to give it a go’
    • ‘They were idiotically, youthfully and foolishly in love and enjoying every minute of it.’
    • ‘I made the mistake of eating too many starters, foolishly thinking I'd still have plenty of room for the main dishes.’
    • ‘I'm actually quite looking forward to being the sober one that can remind them all tomorrow how foolishly they were acting!’
    • ‘When we got back to the car, whose top I had foolishly left open, the seats were hot as griddles.’
    • ‘Was she just stupid, or foolishly did she think she could change him?’
    stupidly, idiotically, ineptly, inanely, senselessly, unwisely, ill-advisedly, incautiously, indiscreetly, short-sightedly
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