Definition of foofaraw in US English:



  • 1A great deal of fuss or attention given to a minor matter.

    • ‘You're very wrong, however, to waste my time and His with this sort of foofaraw.’
    • ‘So what do I actually think about all this foofaraw?’
    • ‘Instead, plans call for much more massive structures and they don't include any foofaraw about income mix or community services.’
    • ‘Congratulations on finding precisely the correct slant on the foofaraw about the exotic dancer and her work permit.’
    • ‘Some modern tests do measure the real intelligence that is needed in real life tasks and are not merely intellectual foofaraw.’
  • 2Showy frills added unnecessarily.

    • ‘It's been not quite a week since the Sydney Olympics came to a clashing close with all the high jinks and foofaraw entailed in a closing ceremony.’
    • ‘There was an awful lot of commercial dross and promotional foofaraw for LeBron to leave back there on the ground.’
    • ‘If you think baroque is all about curlicues and foofaraws, Rome is the place to learn otherwise.’