Definition of food value in US English:

food value


  • The nutritional value of a foodstuff.

    ‘don't peel potatoes—the skins seal in flavor and food value’
    count noun ‘vegetables can lose their food values during storage’
    • ‘Once a patch has been discovered, it is exploited by on average 1.58 individuals, for 8.40 s, during which time 59.13% of its food value is consumed.’
    • ‘A soft muddy floor of wetlands becomes a woven mat of tough roots with no significant food value for many wildlife species.’
    • ‘It was often enlivened, both for flavour and food value, with green herbs such as daisy, tansy, dandelion, nettles, kale, etc.’
    • ‘It impressed him that hunters would ask forgiveness from a bear before they killed it for the food value.’
    • ‘Apparently now they are more palatable but lacking in food value.’
    • ‘Already I could tell the difference in food value between a green grape and a purple one, between a Twinkie and a Snowball.’
    • ‘Was the song sparrow gleaning food value from the algae in the mud, as well as from the oxidized deposits?’
    • ‘For many years, it was assumed that the sporocarps simply lacked food value.’
    • ‘In contrast, flesh of any other animals has a similar, high food value, if you can catch it.’
    • ‘As ruminants, they are able to subsist on dry, often spiny vegetation that would seem to have little food value.’
    • ‘Popular roots such as ginseng, dock, radish, beets, and carrots are prized for their concentrated food value and healing power.’
    • ‘Loosestrife has very limited food value for most wildlife species.’
    • ‘For these desert rodents, food value seems to be closely associated with water conservation.’
    • ‘And what they eat depends on availability as well as food value.’
    • ‘They are all great and a good food value for the money.’
    • ‘Would you believe it, but banana, in terms of food value, is the fourth most important crop in the world after rice, wheat and maize.’
    • ‘She forced down mostly meat and cheese, washed down with water, assuming these to have the greatest food value.’
    • ‘They produce heads of grain which are harvested for their food value to people and animals.’
    • ‘Additionally, the way farmers feed them reduces their food value.’
    • ‘Casters, hemp and a few maggots are also added to give a bit of added food value.’


food value

/fo͞od ˈvalyo͞o/