Definition of food vacuole in US English:

food vacuole


  • A vacuole with a digestive function in the protoplasm of a protozoan.

    • ‘The remaining vacuoles seen in Figure 2.1 and 2.2, may be food vacuoles.’
    • ‘Myzocytotic uptake of prey cell cytoplasm leads to a food vacuole with a single membrane separating two cytoplasmic compartments.’
    • ‘Trophic positions were determined from published accounts of food preference, direct observation of feeding, inspection of food vacuoles, and knowledge of culture requirements.’
    • ‘Due to the acid environment in the P. falciparum food vacuole, all histidine residues in the model were modeled using the AMBER HIP residue.’
    • ‘Control cells make approximately one food vacuole per minute and therefore appear full of black dots.’