Definition of food truck in US English:

food truck


North American
  • A large vehicle equipped with facilities for cooking and selling food.

    ‘new gourmet food trucks take the street food game to a higher level’
    • ‘I decided that, even if it was on a food truck, I was going to roast my own beef, and mix my own dressings, and do all this stuff kind of New York Jewish deli style.’
    • ‘The food truck filled with her homemade Dominican delicacies is her livelihood.’
    • ‘Her latest venture involves the launch of an organic fast food truck, called the Flying Pig.’
    • ‘"This is a quiet country," he said, sitting in front of the Oakland food truck he's owned for 10 years.’
    • ‘As I tucked into a delicious bowl of laksa, we hatched a plan to open a food truck and call it Lekker Laksa (lekker being Afrikaans for all things tasty and delicious).’
    • ‘He operates a food truck parked daily near the Rikers bridge, and he also offers many insights about the conditions under which a businessman operates just outside the largest prison in the city.’
    • ‘You could get just about anything from a food truck in Midtown Manhattan - from waffles and schnitzel to halal chicken and lamb over rice - despite the fact that street vending is for all intents and purposes illegal there.’
    • ‘Everyone was outside congregated around the food truck, just having a good time.’
    • ‘One of the more interesting takes on barbecue is at the Krave, a food truck in Jersey City, which opened in August and has a following on Twitter.’
    • ‘So last year he began creating fusion dishes like coconut curry chicken with sour cream and roast pork with salsa verde, and taking them on the road in a food truck he has christened Dos Chinos.’
    • ‘A food truck can cost less than $20,000 to start, including city permit fees as low as $1,660.’
    • ‘She returns to the food truck to serve her customers, a steady group made up mostly of cab drivers.’
    • ‘She worked as a cook in a restaurant and in her brother's food truck.’
    • ‘They pay high rents, only to see food trucks parking free on their doorsteps.’
    • ‘San Francisco's small army of food trucks feeds happy consumers every day.’
    • ‘The food truck that's now the couple's life came at no small cost.’
    • ‘Foodies aren't just fans, they use the discourse of critics to suggest they have the aesthetic acumen to proclaim the absolute "best" of some cuisine and vigourously debate the relative merits of each dish or inventive food truck.’
    • ‘No new shoes but a plea from the food truck sponsoring the kid's home for more hot dogs and 'sarnies' to be consumed.’
    • ‘Now American food snobs are separating themselves from regular snobs by lining up outside food trucks.’
    • ‘"I went down to the farmers' market at South Station, saw a food truck, purchased a BLT."’