Definition of food pyramid in US English:

food pyramid


  • 1A nutritional diagram in the shape of a pyramid, especially (in the US) the Food Guide Pyramid.

    • ‘Many feel that the food pyramid isn't dramatically flawed; it's just dangerously vague.’
    • ‘‘Kids don't read or study the food pyramid,’ he said, so product presentation to them is all important.’
    • ‘Now, I could just point to the government's recommended food pyramid and say, ‘Eat that.’’
    • ‘But the U.S. Agriculture Dept.'s new food pyramid is a place to start if you're contemplating better eating habits.’
    • ‘At least we're done talking about the food pyramid in Health.’
    • ‘In my opinion, the USDA's food pyramid is not effective and has caused an increase in obesity and dysglycemia.’
    • ‘Last time I checked fast food restaurants are not listed on the food pyramid.’
    • ‘Could this be why the wealthy have abandoned them like last week's food pyramid?’
    • ‘Other than water, protein is the starting point for the bodybuilding version of the food pyramid.’
    • ‘Canyon Ranch includes herbs and spices on its own food pyramid because they provide so much flavor to lower-fat meals.’
    • ‘The government unveiled a new food pyramid this week.’
    • ‘Yes, Larry, my question for the doctor is regarding the food pyramid that is established for our school systems.’
    • ‘In my opinion, it should have sat at the top of the food pyramid.’
    • ‘In an effort to reduce the problem, the USDA unveiled the first ever food pyramid specifically for kids, but not everyone was impressed.’
    • ‘I'm expecting big things from all this fruit consumption, and if I don't get it, someone in charge of the food pyramid is going to get cut.’
    • ‘The diet will conform to the prescribed food pyramid, allowing for fats, oils and sweets besides cereal, rice, milk and vegetables.’
    • ‘Well, for your info, yes, we're going to learn about the food pyramid next week, in Health.’
    • ‘Nutritionists from the organization are asking the government to revise the food pyramid based on this evidence.’
    • ‘The food pyramid has outlived its usefulness and the Department of Agriculture is looking to give it an extreme makeover.’
    • ‘But his mom always found a way to make sure they ate the right amount of Vitamins each day, taking him to every part of the food pyramid.’
  • 2Ecology
    A graphic representation of predatory relationships in the food chain, in which various forms of life are shown on different levels, with each level preying on the one below it.

    • ‘Quammen emphasizes how the placement of predators at the top of the food pyramid makes them especially vulnerable to habitat destruction.’
    • ‘This is certainly not the case in living communities, in which carnivores are at the top of the food pyramid and thus are much less abundant than herbivores.’