Definition of food insecurity in US English:

food insecurity


  • The state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

    ‘more than 800 million people live every day with hunger or food insecurity as their constant companion’
    • ‘The organisation's primary objective is to reduce food insecurity by increasing incomes of local vulnerable dairy farmers.’
    • ‘Depression scores were higher in those reporting lower income, more children, and food insecurity.’
    • ‘Now, this week, we turn our attention to the problem of food insecurity in some parts of the continent.’
    • ‘As and when the furore and dust over the drought and resulting food insecurity dies down, planners will find the relief and rehabilitation allocations handy enough.’
    • ‘Food insecurity also rose, with 5 million more families fearing they could not afford enough to eat in 2002 than in 2000.’
    • ‘In the absence of alternative income, decline of yield due to decline of soil fertility will undoubtedly exacerbate food insecurity.’
    • ‘The organisation's annual report on the state of food insecurity said that people suffering from hunger were doing so for a number of reasons.’
    • ‘As food insecurity worsens, individuals make qualitative compromises in food selection and consumption.’
    • ‘Canada lacks a coordinated, systematic plan for monitoring food insecurity, either nationally or provincially.’
    • ‘The continued existence of hunger and food insecurity, poor eating habits, sedentary lifestyles, and overweight contributes to poor health among Americans.’
    • ‘With regard to hunger, the study found that one in every four households in the country experienced hunger and food insecurity, with rural areas being much more harshly affected than urban areas.’
    • ‘Consequently, villagers became vulnerable to increased food insecurity.’
    • ‘The homeless, and those whose income flow is more unpredictable, have a much more precarious experience of food insecurity.’
    • ‘Although most Americans do not suffer from hunger, some still experience food insecurity.’
    • ‘Neglecting agriculture has resulted in increasing joblessness and, thereby, greater food insecurity.’
    • ‘This is just the latest battlefront in Africa's war against food insecurity.’
    • ‘The industrial, large scale, globalised food system is non-sustainable and a source of economic inequality and food insecurity.’
    • ‘This programme targets 45,000 poor households and provides incentives as a short term mitigation of food insecurity.’
    • ‘March 21, 2003: Food insecurity and hunger continue to impact millions around the globe.’
    • ‘More aid is crucial to address the severe state of food insecurity in the country.’