Definition of food bank in US English:

food bank


  • A place where stocks of food, typically basic provisions and nonperishable items, are supplied free of charge to people in need.

    • ‘Work on things to make life easier for students like free flu shots, the food bank and microwaves around campus.’
    • ‘Instead, the long lines are forming across the railroad tracks at the nonprofit food bank, Community Services Agency.’
    • ‘Now entering its sixth season, the food bank offers one-time emergency grocery assistance to those in a tight financial position.’
    • ‘At present we are involved in a food bank, a soup kitchen and twice a month we do a street run.’
    • ‘Please do those food drives through your local food bank.’
    • ‘Our local church says their food bank empties out monthly.’
    • ‘If you're overwhelmed with produce and cut flowers, take some to your local food bank, shelter or soup kitchen.’
    • ‘Some of these same farmers have themselves provided potatoes to the food bank for years.’
    • ‘Streetlight also offers an art room, a food bank and drop-in hours.’
    • ‘When guests arrive, they can drop their cans into a barrel, and you can make a donation to your local food bank - just in time for the holiday season.’
    • ‘They build low-income housing, run literacy classes, sponsor a food bank, and run emergency shelters and a childcare center.’
    • ‘Most recently, she has been volunteering for the campus food bank and at a local bakery, which provides meaningful work for people with special needs.’
    • ‘Like the drop-in centre for street kids, the community centre has a variety of programs, including a food bank and clothing for the poor.’
    • ‘Oregon's whitefish trawl now sorts and counts salmon by-catch on the dock and freezes them for a local food bank.’
    • ‘The Nunavut food bank is expanding its reach by including outlying communities in its second annual general meeting on Sunday.’
    • ‘If produce can't be sold from the warehouse it is given to the food bank; if inedible, it's composted.’
    • ‘Running the food bank each month costs about $1,300, Komnick said.’
    • ‘Work at a community food bank or soup kitchen as a family.’
    • ‘She said that corporations would view a student food bank differently than a community food bank.’
    • ‘The food bank not only works for the greater Pittsburgh community but also works in it by reclaiming a brownfield site.’


food bank