Definition of fondly in US English:



  • 1With affection or liking.

    ‘he talks fondly of his grandfather’
    ‘things I fondly recall from my childhood’
    • ‘Anna remembers her mother fondly and is reluctant to embrace a new mother.’
    • ‘Her book tells of life with her father and four siblings, endless mobs of goats and sheep, and a horse-drawn trailer fondly named the Territory Queen.’
    • ‘It makes me think fondly back to the days when I was at drama school, where you'd be encouraged to fall flat on your face, to try things out.’
    • ‘She fondly remembers the first of her dolls, made with her Nana from a silky white pair of ladies' underpants.’
    • ‘Now that they are gone, he fondly remembers their good deeds.’
    • ‘They reflect fondly upon the experience of making the film.’
    • ‘She speaks fondly of the time she spent in the master classes at Yale University.’
    • ‘They fondly recall vessels that would depart the island, meander about for a day or evening, then return to port.’
    • ‘With most exploitation films, it's readily understandable why they are held in fondly cherished memory.’
    • ‘Sometimes, looking fondly on tradition and the ways things used to be is seen as being overly sentimental.’
  • 2With foolishly optimistic hope or belief; naively.

    ‘they fondly believed the cheers were for them’
    • ‘He wanted to stick them in front of military installations as opposed to the hospitals and petting zoos that they'd fondly imagined they were going to defend.’
    • ‘Trudging back to his mark, he muttered unthinkable thoughts about the decision in what he fondly imagined was below his breath.’
    • ‘I ask someone to ask him what they catch with them, fondly imagining that it must be some tasty, exotic marsupial.’
    • ‘Less than four years ago, media marketers and channel executives imagined fondly that their fortunes lay in women.’
    • ‘The unorganized multitudes are not a source of resistance to tyranny, as some theorists fondly believe.’
    • ‘Stepping outside the door of the plane, I fondly imagined that the wall of heat was coming from the jet exhaust.’
    • ‘Far from shunning the modern world, as romantics fondly imagined, the Irish traveled great distances to get into it.’
    • ‘They fondly imagined it might win the support of the former ship's steward.’
    • ‘Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away.’
    • ‘It began to be obvious that certain zones may owe rather less to him than the Trust had fondly wished to believe.’