Definition of fondant in English:



  • 1A thick paste made of sugar and water and often flavored or colored, used in the making of candy and the icing and decoration of cakes.

    • ‘Sugar paste, home made or bought, is sometimes erroneously called fondant icing.’
    • ‘For our wedding, we had fresh raspberries mixed in with the filling and a rolled fondant icing.’
    • ‘The festival will include cakes for all occasions, with toppings made of fondant, butter cream, fresh cream, and royal icing.’
    • ‘Then I covered them with rolled fondant (a kind of icing) and painted them with icing color paste.’
    • ‘In a saucepan, cook the fondant and corn syrup to a temperature of 310 degrees.’
    • ‘She showed the members how to make beautiful flowers and other decorations from fondant icing and sugar paste.’
    • ‘And then there are those where the fondant - the essential goo - seems to have seeped through what should be a tough chocolate shell.’
    • ‘In a saucepan over low heat, combine corn syrup and fondant and cook, stirring constantly, until a light caramel color.’
    • ‘Fondant icing is literally fondant warmed with a little syrup, flavoured, and coloured.’
    • ‘However, Darcey's favourite nibble slips down the nutritional pecking order on account of its sugary fondant centre.’
    1. 1.1 A candy made of fondant.
      • ‘As is fitting for such a mixed age occasion, tea, cucumber triangles and an impressive array of fondant fancies graced the dining room table.’
      • ‘Chocolate orange fondant was intensely rich, too rich for me, as were the iced cappuccino layers with alcoholic Grappa sauce.’
      • ‘By the time I reach Armani up at the top I have that sated feeling, the one-too-many chocolates syndrome where once-luxurious fondant turns to sickly goo.’
      • ‘Lollipops and LifeSavers are amorphous candies; fudge and fondant (creamy candy or filling) are crystalline.’
      • ‘Tuesday was Steve's 22nd birthday, and he was the lucky recipient of some flowers, a box of Mr. Kipling fondant fancies and a copy of Escort from Messrs.’
      • ‘Then we tried some of their chocolate fondant and it was so good we were physically unable to speak.’


Late 19th century: from French, literally melting present participle of fondre.