Definition of folktronica in English:



  • A style of popular music incorporating elements of folk and electronic music.

    ‘this is as perfect an example of melodic folktronica as one might hope to find’
    as modifier ‘a folktronica band’
    • ‘Your music is often labelled as 'folktronica' or 'laptop folk', which hardly sums up your work.’
    • ‘But, if you're looking for something to sink your teeth into, you can do much better on the other side of the folktronica spectrum.’
    • ‘Occasionally dubbed "folktronica", SRW are doing their best to give soothing, trance-like instrumental music a good name.’
    • ‘The nascent folktronica has had its share of electronic composers come to the fore, enlisting the use of acoustic instruments for their source material.’
    • ‘Minotaur Shock explores sonic grounds set between the wonderful electronic world of Boards Of Canada and the folktronica of Four Tet.’
    • ‘How do you feel about the "folktronica" label?’
    • ‘Also, Nyles Lannon from this band is a glitchy folktronica artist in his own right and is definitely worth checking out.’
    • ‘In the meantime, we're going to experience a wave of typical "folktronica" albums, some better than others.’
    • ‘Small Moments and The Big Romance are two albums of chilled folktronica, all acoustic guitars and somnambulant beats.’
    • ‘From essence of post-rock to alternative folktronica, Partir always appear torn between minimal tendencies and over-layered effects.’
    • ‘But Brooklyn-based duo Ill Lit soon quiet any suspicions that they deviate from this tradition, despite bearing the folktronica tag.’
    • ‘I suppose, given the acoustic instrumentation, many critics will rush to connect it to the folktronica of Four Tet et al, but forget all that.’
    • ‘Prefuse 73 brings the hip-hop electronic mastery while The Books dish out their brand of folktronica and it's all done so fluidly, the hybrid feels more like a new band than a combination of two.’
    • ‘He is quickly becoming an influential part of London's popular folktronica scene.’


Early 21st century: blend of folk (sense 2 of the noun) and electronica.