Definition of foliated in US English:



  • 1Decorated with leaves or leaflike motifs.

    ‘ten columns foliated at the capitals’
    1. 1.1Architecture Decorated with foils or conventionalized leaves.
      • ‘The Virginia governor's house is almost delicate with its swag panels, foliated capitals atop the porch columns, and leaded glass side.’
      • ‘The ornament includes foliated rails below, cast and fabricated foliated column capitals, and the arches themselves.’
    2. 1.2Geology Consisting of thin sheets or laminae.
      • ‘On the northern side of the volcanic sequence, the rocks are weakly foliated with foliation dipping to the south or SW.’
      • ‘We argue that, on the basis of their relative timing of emplacement, the foliated intrusions may be placed into two broad suites.’
      • ‘The sample of Omonville granodiorite was collected from the foliated felsic phase of the intrusion at Pointe Jardeheu.’
      • ‘The carbonates in the footwall are strongly foliated and sheared parallel to the thrust.’
      • ‘Shale adjacent to ironstone is ferruginized, strongly foliated and complexly folded where it contains chert layers.’