Definition of focal plane in US English:

focal plane


  • The plane through the focus perpendicular to the axis of a mirror or lens.

    • ‘This focal plane is taken to correspond to the midsagittal plane of the vessel.’
    • ‘All measurements were made in the focal plane of the trapping/heating lasers, as per the figure in the Appendix.’
    • ‘Time-lapse microscopy in multiple focal planes was performed for analysis of embryogenesis and cytokinesis defects.’
    • ‘Their method is different from this method because they break the Gaussian intensity distribution of illuminating laser on the focal plane.’
    • ‘Then, the cell- and bead-holding pipettes were carefully aligned to get the focal plane and the plane of cell-bead contact to coincide.’
    • ‘The laser beam for Raman excitation was focused to a static diffraction limited spot in the center of the focal plane.’
    • ‘This shifted the buffer fluorescence away from the focal plane of the large core fibers.’
    • ‘Fluorescent images were taken at different focal planes.’
    • ‘Reciprocal linear dispersion indicates the width of spectrum that is spread over 1-mm at the focal plane.’
    • ‘Therefore the focal plane of the microscope was varied until an accidentally observed object had its greatest extension in that plane.’
    • ‘Optical focal planes near the surface of stage 17 embryos stained with anti-ß3 are shown.’
    • ‘A lens focuses this light at the back focal plane of the objective to allow collimation at the sample.’
    • ‘The fiber was brought into focus, and the bead was manipulated into the same focal plane.’
    • ‘When the bead moves relative to the trap, the distribution of light changes in the back focal plane of the condenser.’
    • ‘This setup captures only light from the focal plane, while out-of-focus Raman light and fluorescence background is strongly rejected.’
    • ‘Because the reticle is in the first focal plane, the diameters of the circles are a constant 9’ at all ranges and powers.’
    • ‘Incident light passes through a collimating lens and a computer-generated holographic disperser, then onto a focal plane array for detection.’
    • ‘This distribution approximates the blurring of the microscope at different focal planes by varying the Gaussian width parameter.’
    • ‘Uncooled focal planes have reached astonishing levels of performance.’
    • ‘These measurements were normalized to the diameter of the nucleus at the center focal plane.’


focal plane

/ˈfōkəl plān/