Definition of focaccia in US English:



  • A type of flat Italian bread made with yeast and olive oil and flavored with herbs.

    • ‘As I sit, waiting patiently for the gnocchi, I am brought some soft, moist focaccia.’
    • ‘I am much more likely to turn to the soda bread, or maybe the spongy, airy focaccia.’
    • ‘I went for the latter, a delicious little focaccia.’
    • ‘This was, of course, back in the days before focaccia bread and hummus, when all Sainsbury's sold was rabbits.’
    • ‘How much oil should you drizzle on your focaccia?’
    • ‘While most are familiar with focaccia, the Italian flatbread, ciabatta was all new to me.’
    • ‘Next-door is the chilled out Meet Café, which does light snacks on Italian lines including focaccia and panini sandwiches.’
    • ‘Give focaccia and ciabatta a rest and try Melba toast for a change - but make it the easy way.’
    • ‘If you are seriously on the hoof, then you can have sandwiches, freshly made as you watch, with ciabatta, focaccia, or baguettes.’
    • ‘Here's how to knead yeast doughs like focaccia.’
    • ‘In addition, they'll receive a variety of home-made mixes for breads, muffins, brownies and focaccia.’
    • ‘It was at the farmer's market that we first discovered that our favorite bread maker was offering a bunch of different kinds of bread, not just focaccia.’
    • ‘The cheeses you eat with your focaccia are obviously up to you.’
    • ‘There is the bread shop on the corner, where my roommate Erin tried her first pizza bianca - focaccia topped with rosemary and oil.’
    • ‘It adds robust flavor to focaccia, homemade breadsticks or quick breads such as biscuits or scones.’
    • ‘Then they had some seafood with a light salad, focaccia bread and a smooth white Chianti to wash it down.’
    • ‘I love Italian focaccia bread and this was my first time baking one on my own.’
    • ‘Flutes of champagne are offered before each meal, and little stacks of focaccia for clearing the palate.’
    • ‘Food includes hearty pizza and focaccia, and your wait staff all seem to know your name.’
    • ‘The store offers either pita bread or Italian focaccia stuffed with beef, chicken or tuna.’