Definition of foam rubber in US English:

foam rubber


  • A spongy material made of rubber or plastic in the form of foam, used for cushioning and in upholstery.

    • ‘The toys are beautifully packaged, with a foam rubber framework inside the box holding them all securely.’
    • ‘He slaps a wide slab of tan-colored, hard foam rubber on his workbench.’
    • ‘The high detail allows you to see every wrinkle in the foam rubber 'alligator' hide.’
    • ‘Floating covers of low-density synthetic foam rubber are effective for controlling evaporation from vertical walled open-topped storage.’
    • ‘Thin sheets of dried foam rubber (detailed with scales, hair, etc.) can be wrapped around the muscles.’
    • ‘I used to use a heavy piece of glass on foam rubber for my proof prints.’
    • ‘The material is whipped with air to form a foam, which is heated to produce foam rubber.’
    • ‘A bolete has a mass of tubes, looking rather like foam rubber.’
    • ‘The inside of the box had been filled with foam rubber.’
    • ‘You can insulate your pipes with foam rubber sleeves or fiberglass insulation, wrapping the insulating material around the pipes.’