Definition of flyspeck in English:



  • 1A tiny stain made by the excrement of an insect.

    • ‘Both sooty blotch and flyspeck can be rubbed off the surface of the fruit.’
    • ‘The image is clean and sharp for the most part, with only random flaws from the source print - some graininess, a few flyspecks - cropping up here and there.’
    • ‘There you have it - the two sources of flyspecks - saliva and fecal matter.’
    • ‘It's clear from flyspecks and other physical evidence that the mummies were kept above ground for months or years before burial.’
    1. 1.1A thing that is contemptibly small or insignificant.
      ‘a sleepy flyspeck of a town’
      • ‘The 11 other ‘dollarized’ countries are flyspecks like Monaco, Liechtenstein, and Andorra.’
      • ‘What happened to the family of a gold-toothed Japanese soldier who died so horribly on a flyspeck of a Pacific island?’
      • ‘Report after report, from Indonesia or Sri Lanka or some flyspeck island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, has brought some new horror.’
      • ‘You're lucky I want this contract or I'd scatter you all over this flyspeck of a planet!’
      • ‘Strictly on the facts of the case, they are correct: The American archipelago is just a series of flyspecks compared to its Soviet predecessor.’
      • ‘Why are they concerned with a little, flyspeck football team?’
      • ‘What happens on the remoter flyspecks in the American archipelago remains largely a closed book.’
      • ‘The color palette, especially in the brighter scenes, is so badly faded as to appear almost bleached, and the constant assault of flyspeck flybys gets tiresome quickly.’