Definition of flyover in US English:



  • 1North American A low flight by one or more aircraft over a specific location.

    ‘there were artillery platforms in the hills, making a flyover too risky’
    • ‘I lived next to a U.S. Air Force base in north Georgia for two years and have seen many night flyovers with afterburners.’
    • ‘Did the daily surveillance plane flyovers spot it?’
    • ‘An American reconnaissance plane veers off course during a flyover and is shot down because its crew sees something they aren't intended to see.’
    • ‘After the pair spotted a heavy weapon in a village during a flyover in a military helicopter, Smith carried back the coordinates to a Marine commander so the weapon could be destroyed.’
    • ‘We've done a number of flyovers with helicopters and will continue to do that.’
    • ‘Our commanding officer coordinated a flyover of the ship for us so the LSOs could shine a beacon on our nose gear and determine its condition.’
    • ‘A full surround mix would have been nice, as there are a couple of 747 flyovers that, while sounding impressive in stereo, would probably tear off the roof in 5.1.’
    • ‘Santa had also done a flyover in the Rescure helicopter.’
    • ‘We could do a flyover of the island with a shuttle, hoping the Curie's crew has someone looking out for rescue craft to signal.’
    • ‘The flyovers occur twice a year, before and after the summer rainy season.’
    • ‘The solution they have gone for is flyovers that promise only to sweep Delhi's traffic problems from one area to another.’
    • ‘Although Mr Boynes would love to be part of the flyover, he considers his attendance on the ground just as important.’
    • ‘During a flyover of the park last year, McClure witnessed a number of bison carcasses lying in overgrazed fields.’
    • ‘As Senator Mary Landrieu's helicopter was taking off for a flyover of the devastation, she watched as a group of people smashed a window at a gas station store and jumped in.’
    • ‘The lab was underground so flyovers haven't shown anything.’
    • ‘A man in a blue FEMA windbreaker arrived to brief them on his helicopter flyover of the city.’
    1. 1.1 A ceremonial flight of an aircraft past a person or a place.
      • ‘The flyover will be held over crowds lining the streets to watch the annual Moomba Festival on March 14.’
      • ‘Perhaps most impressive is a flyover of F - 16 fighter jets during pre-race ceremonies in the last half of the film.’
      • ‘Geraldton aviator Chris Shine will pilot one of nine tiger moths in a special diamond formation flyover in Perth this afternoon.’
      • ‘The new squadron was to have demonstrated its skills with a flyover and aerobatic maneuvers, but the aerial activities were canceled because of bad weather.’
      • ‘And Naval fighter jets cap the pre-race festivities with a tight-formation flyover.’
      • ‘There was a wet winch demonstration as well as a historic flight Iroquois helicopter lake flyover and static display.’
      • ‘The Defence Forces did their minister proud in his home city with a march past and a flyover by the Air Corps.’
      • ‘We all missed Bush throwing out the first pitch, though we did see his helicopter come and go, not to mention the thunderous F - 16 flyover.’
  • 2British An overpass.

    • ‘She told officers that she feared for the children's lives because their father had said he would drive his truck off Tilbury Docks or Pitsea flyover with the youngsters inside.’
    • ‘And the timing couldn't be worse as the work coincides with the improvements at Pitsea flyover that are already causing extra congestion.’
    • ‘The talks have been prompted by concern that the sharp right-hand curve for motorists joining the by-pass at Brambling Fields flyover, Norton, may be a hazard.’
    • ‘Although there hasn't been an official ribbon-cutting yet, the flyover leading to the airport opened recently.’
    • ‘A white or blue van was directly behind the couple's car at Bishopthorpe flyover leaving the A64 on the outskirts of York at about 1.15 pm last Friday.’
    • ‘Cameras showed that during the day traffic was tailing back to the A35 Redbridge flyover and several hundred metres along the M271.’
    • ‘Mr Moffatt said the ultimate aim was to build a completely segregated crossing and flyover at Bilbrough, and construction was planned to start in 2003, subject to the availability of funds.’
    • ‘The mum-of-one helped organise Under Croydon, an arts project which transformed the pedestrian subway beneath Croydon's flyover into a colourful mural.’
    • ‘Yet this flyover will not be completed until at least 2004, offering time enough for another tragedy similar to that which occurred at the weekend.’
    • ‘Expressways, flyovers, corridors, ring roads, mass transit system, and such issues one associates with cities that are global destinations and business nerve centers in the region.’
    • ‘Until it opens, drivers are having to use the York Outer Ring Road flyover to cross the dual carriageway.’
    • ‘But critics of this bold horticultural experiment have compared the results with everything from an unfinished Italian motorway flyover to the business end of a broom.’
    • ‘But who would want to visit a place of flyovers, viaducts and faceless retail parks?’
    • ‘We reported that the order imposed to close the four gaps was merely temporary, and that the Highways Agency was planning to open them up once the new £11 million flyover was in use.’
    • ‘The Highways Agency shut a notorious gap at nearby Bilbrough Top in December, prior to the start of construction of an £11 million new flyover.’
    • ‘Rural India, too, needs flyovers - not over roads, but over killer railway tracks.’
    • ‘The Highways Agency revealed today that a public inquiry is likely into its proposed £3.9 million flyover at Bilbrough Top, between York and Tadcaster.’
    • ‘Water logging around the flyover's rusted pillars is routine during the rains.’
    • ‘The £11.3 million flyover is being built to improve safety on the dual carriageway at Bilbrough Top, between York and Tadcaster.’
    • ‘Designs showing how Swindon's Commonhead roundabout could look if a planned £13 million flyover becomes a reality have been exhibited.’
    viaduct, aqueduct, overpass
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  • 3US informal, derogatory as modifier Denoting central regions of the US regarded as less significant than the East or West coasts.

    ‘his appeal extends way beyond the Bible Belt and the flyover states’