Definition of flying wing in US English:

flying wing


  • An aircraft with little or no fuselage and no vertical airfoil.

    • ‘Of course, it wasn't a true flying wing but the plane would test Northrop's theories about such a craft.’
    • ‘All 25 flying wings of the reserve, a total of 30,000 personnel, were mobilized, plus nearly 119,000 individual reservists.’
    • ‘This 1932 Los Angeles resident displays his concept aircraft of a flying wing driven by four ‘aerial screws.’’
    • ‘The lightweight flying wing had taken off from PMRF at about 5 a.m.’
    • ‘However, Northrop had started his own company and was intent on developing a flying wing but he did not want to give up on developing ‘conventional’ high-performance aircraft.’
    • ‘Among the many rare aircraft taking to the air will be the Northrop N9M flying wing and Mitsubishi A6M - 5 Zero.’
    • ‘As a former commander of three flying wings and a numbered air force, Gen Hess takes the fatalities behind safety statistics personally, as do all commanders.’
    • ‘The second is yet another radical new design: a flying wing shaped like the B - 2 bomber.’
    • ‘And in our design we mount the engines on the top of the flying wing and therefore the airframe itself will shield a lot of the noise for people on the ground.’
    • ‘The lightweight flying wing took off from PMRF at about 4: 00 p.m.’
    • ‘Two designs were conventional bombers in the mold of the B-29, while the more radical designs were the Northrop flying wing and the Boeing swept wing jet.’
    • ‘Mercifully, the authorities decided to do a quick police investigation before deploying a flying wing bearing nuclear weapons.’
    • ‘Northrop would go on to operate several of his own companies and was, of course, the main proponent behind the flying wing concept.’
    • ‘Instead it is essentially a flying wing, with its engines mounted on top of the plane, to direct noise away from the ground.’
    • ‘The C - 130 leadership faced the significant task of consolidating aircraft and people from seven flying wings into four operational airlift and maintenance squadrons.’
    • ‘For the past decade, Boeing has been developing an alternative plane known as the Blended Wing Body - an aircraft that looks like a flying wing.’
    • ‘Crosby joined Northrop as part of the war effort and became a test pilot on some of the company's flying wing designs.’
    • ‘The elimination of vertical control surfaces in the B-2 ‘flying wing’ design is not new; a flying wing was built by Northrop immediately after WW II.’
    • ‘Some of their more radical designs, such as the Gotha flying wing concept, would not be realized until many years after World War II.’
    • ‘It relied on its flying wing design and single Walter R II - 203 rocket engine to produce astonishing performance.’