Definition of flying wedge in US English:

flying wedge


  • A fast-moving group, as of police officers, linked together closely in a V-shaped formation, sometimes used to force a way through a crowd or to protect someone behind them.

    • ‘Half a dozen of us were startled enough to head for the swinging doors, and suddenly we were jolted through by a flying wedge of other men.…’
    • ‘A flying wedge splits the pilgrims in half with some premier-division high-elbow work.’
    • ‘If they want to break up the crowd, they'll move into the centre of it with a flying wedge and then re-form into two parallel lines pushing in opposite directions.’
    • ‘All they lacked were the tactics of civil disobedience - when would they discover the snake dance, the flying wedge?’
    • ‘Pickets set up to oppose Mainland's operations have been subjected to concerted intimidation and violence including baton-wielding police using flying wedge tactics to breakup picket lines.’