Definition of flying squad in English:

flying squad


  • A division of a police force or other organization that is capable of reaching an incident quickly.

    • ‘The workers have been dogging the Prime Minister and his minister during the campaign, with flying squads of uniformed workers gatecrashing media events.’
    • ‘Raiders loaded the digger onto the back of a truck at Elbut Lane in Birtle - little realising that the flying squad would soon be hot in on their trail.’
    • ‘He saw that ‘three members of the flying squad were there, but were doing nothing to assist‘.’
    • ‘It will be family members first, of course, because in a worst-case scenario endless flying squads of health professionals simply will not be available.’
    • ‘The fact is that it's not for the flying squad to determine his mental state.’
    • ‘The municipal workers union has taken umbrage at the allegations and has vowed to take up cudgels on behalf of their comrades in the flying squads.’
    • ‘In the midst of the chaos a flying squad of plainclothes cops rode their scooters wildly into the crowd, hitting a number of marchers.’
    • ‘Stasi flying squads swept through the country.’
    • ‘Late one evening, the obstetric registrar asked me if I would like to accompany him on a flying squad call; a parturient in a remote farmhouse some 18 miles away had a retained placenta.’
    • ‘I think the French police have a culinary flying squad that swoop on amateur cooks and destroy cheap and nasty ingredients.’
    • ‘The provisional liquidator announced that flying squads would maintain a check of all unfinished buildings to prevent illegal possession.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the member opened himself up by referring to his own so-called flying squads policy.’
    • ‘A flying squad grant for $5,000 from the Canada Council allows the company the freedom to bring in specialist consultants for two-play seasons.’
    • ‘Do we want a flying squad created to follow up on tips?’
    • ‘Yes, of course we have to have the antiterrorist branch, organised crime branch, flying squad and our central delivery squads, specifically the murder squads.’
    • ‘The flying squad section of Scotland Yard, annoyed at recent cut backs to the police budget have decided to take matters into their own hands.’
    • ‘We are concerned that a flying squad of mobile maintenance workers is going to be set up, instead of having people based on individual rigs.’
    • ‘The ultras suddenly surfaced at Lak Chowk and opened fire from close range on the flying squad of the Maisuma police station.’
    • ‘‘At the heart of this motion is a demand for a flying squad service,’ Mr. Blaney said.’
    • ‘Police in conjunction with the flying squad also recovered six motor vehicles, suspected to have been stolen from different points in Lusaka recently either at gunpoint or whilst parked.’


flying squad

/ˈˌflīiNG ˈskwäd/