Definition of flying lemur in US English:

flying lemur


  • A nocturnal tree-dwelling Southeast Asian mammal resembling a lemur, with a membrane between the fore- and hindlimbs for gliding from tree to tree.

    Family Cynocephalidae and genus Cynocephalus, order Dermoptera: two species

    Also called colugo
    • ‘On the other hand, in Euarchontoglires (rodents, rabbits, primates, flying lemurs, and tree shrews), all recognized Alu-SINE subfamilies are distributed exclusively among primate genomes.’
    • ‘The most common assumption from anatomical evidence has been that they group with primates, flying lemurs, and tree shrews, forming the Archonta.’
    • ‘So I didn't get to see the umpteen varieties of lizards, snakes, flying lemur or pangolin, which are reputed to haunt the forests.’
    • ‘They proposed a monophyletic clade that includes primates, the tree shrew, the flying lemur, rabbit, and rodents.’
    • ‘All models find the same arrangement for the primates and the Malayan flying lemur, with the flying lemur separating the anthropoids from the other primates.’