Definition of flying gurnard in US English:

flying gurnard


  • A bottom-dwelling marine fish that has bony armor on the skull, spines behind the head, and large brightly colored pectoral fins. It moves through the water with a gliding or flying motion.

    Family Dactylopteridae: two genera and several species

    • ‘I was drawn away by the iridescent cape of a flying gurnard.’
    • ‘This inspirational dive ended on flat sand, where our guide managed to entice a flying gurnard to eat from her hand.’
    • ‘The sandy seabed is popular with photographers seeking flying gurnards, flounders and cuttlefish.’
    • ‘We found a multitude of interesting subjects - flying gurnards and dragonets, strange octopuses and rainbow coloured nudibranchs, and even several different kinds of frogfish.’
    • ‘The flying gurnard is characterized by its spectacular pectoral fins that look like wings.’