Definition of flying bridge in US English:

flying bridge


  • another term for flybridge
    • ‘The boat cruised gently forward, while on the flying bridge above us the captain looked out for more dolphins.’
    • ‘Roberto was coming down the ladder from the flying bridge to lend a hand.’
    • ‘And if you really want a playhouse with a flying bridge and electricity, just buy or build it for yourself.’
    • ‘Area is beam times height of the highest part of your boat, be it coachroof, dog house or flying bridge, and for sail boats add in the area of the mast (s).’
    • ‘Ash often spent her days at sea sunbaking on the flying bridge awning during Specials or just simply lazing about eating garlic bread and pickled sardines.’
    • ‘Bucher climbed up to the flying bridge, wearing a ski mask against the cold.’
    • ‘You'll want good charts, of course, and an elevated lookout like a flying bridge will make eyeball navigation much easier.’
    • ‘Besides shingled roofs, shuttered windows, glass doors, and scalloped trim, they came with options ranging from flying bridges and flagpoles to trapdoors and sliding peepholes.’
    • ‘A tall, blonde man in work khakis stood on the flying bridge, supervising the work.’
    • ‘One look at the face of the Coast Guard coxswain on the 47's flying bridge gave me the answer.’
    • ‘‘That's a good yellowfin man ‘, shouted Uwe from the flying bridge.’’


flying bridge

/ˈflīiNG ˌbrij/